Startup BOOM 2021

XAMK’s entrepreneurial spirit in one event



Startup BOOM 2021 is a fully online experience combining inspirational speakers and entrepreneurial content from Xamk to the students.

In addition to listening to our speakers with inspiring topics, you’ll be able to also go through our multiple RDI -projects that may offer you for example internships, credits, thesis topics, etc.

You don’t have to be a business owner to enjoy the content BOOM brings you.
Even though the topics are presented by people on different levels of entrepreneurship, the content offers insights for students in any field.

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Startup BOOM 2021 Teams platform


Schedule for the event:

16.00 Event opening
16.15 Escape from Stadis Kuo – André Noël Chaker
16.45 Xamk project possibilities for you & break
17.00 Gaming events and E-sport – Ville Pelkola
17.45 Xamk project possibilities for you & break
18.00 License to fail – Tomi Kaukinen
19.00 Xamk project possibilities for you & break
19.10 Xamk Startup Ecosystem – Panel discussion of start-up services for the students
19.45 Closing



André Noël Chaker

André is a speaker, a writer, a performer, an entrepreneur, and a business executive all rolled into one person. As an entrepreneur, André has been a leading force in many science-, technology-, gaming-, and sports-related start-up ventures (MySpeaker, 2021).

Ville Pelkola

Ville is going to talk about his journey to becoming an entrepreneur as a Xamk student. With the support of a great team, perseverance, and determination, Ville and his associates were able to start a company in 2020 following their dream in the world of E-sports. Digital Barracks offers professional-level E-sport tournament production and marketing solutions to local businesses.

Tomi Kaukinen

Tomi Kaukinen is an energetic and straightforward serial entrepreneur who is not afraid of even the craziest of ideas. With a background from both the world of finance, scaling companies outside of Finland and eventually burning out by the same job that was his passion, Kaukinen has many stories to tell. (Source)
“When I talk about entrepreneurship I talk about life. We have too many prejudices about what other people do and think. I want to remove the culture of fear from people’s lives by showing my own vulnerability and the mistakes I’ve made along the way. I’ve made mistakes, but hey, here I am, alive and kicking.” (Source)


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See you in BOOM!