WTFinland! buying real estate in Finland

WTFinland! is an informal online round table where Finns and international people have an open and relaxed conversation about curiosities and challenges when trying to understand and adapt to the Finnish lifestyle. Questions can be asked and are answered according to personal experiences in a way that different perspectives are offered on different matters by different people, and little by little we get to know more about each other’s experiences in the Finnish context.


Our last meeting this spring will talk about a more serious topic: buying real estate in Finland. We will welcome the real estate broker Joni Tapio from Välitysliike Turku Oy LKV, who is an experienced professional in the area and will assist us with accurate and concrete information on the subject.


The meeting is on 25 April 2023 from 15:00 to 16:00. Click here to join.

All episodes available on SoundCloud.