WTFinland! is back!


After our great meetings last spring, WTFinland! is scheduled to come back this autumn from 12 September with new topics about life in Finland and Finnish way of living.

WTFinland! is an informal round table setting where Finns and international people have an open and relaxed conversation about curiosities and challenges when trying to understand and adapt to the Finnish lifestyle. Questions can be asked and are answered according to personal experiences in a way that different perspectives are offered on different matters by different people, and little by little we get to know more about each other’s experiences in the Finnish context. The meetings are in English, free of charge, and open to all!

Meetings are held online (Teams) every other Tuesday from 16:00 to 17:00 on the following dates:

  • 12 September
  • 26 September
  • 10 October
  • 31 October
  • 14 November
  • 28 November

See you there!

Click the link to join.


If you’ve missed the previous discussions, here are the links to spring 2023 sessions:

  1. What’s up with the weather?
  2. Finnish celebrations and the foods that go with each of them
  3. Finnish sauna and hobbies
  4. So many Finlands within Finland
  5. Let’s be entertained
  6. Buying real estate in Finland


You can also listen to the episodes on Soundcloud.