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Xamk is a higher education institution offering studies in English in many different study fields. We have campuses in the towns of Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna, located in the beautiful region of South-Eastern Finland.

Students from partner institutions of Xamk are welcome to apply for the practical training in Social services. You can apply for the autumn term and spring term but also for the summer term.

Please ask if you wish to have more information about the possibilities for practical training.

Ulla Vuorinen, ulla.vuorinen@xamk.fi

Practical training and exchange studies

Social work

Social work programme offers placements to incoming exchange students according to the student’s wishes. Placements have been arranged f.ex. in the following places.

Multicultural Center Mimosa (Mikkeli Region´s Immigrant´s Work Support Association Mimosa ry) an open meeting place for everyone. Mimosa’s goals are to integrate immigrants, prevent racism and social exclusion and support equality and multiculturalism. Mimosa organizes cultural events, celebrations and different courses.

Huoltsikka Youth Home 
Huoltsikka has a youth home in Heinälahti for juveniles at the age of 12-18. They also provide family counselling services and professional support, and sheltered housing services for juveniles at the age of 16-21.

Otava Folk High School
Otava Folk High School actively applies phenomena based teaching and learning. This pedagogical tool aims to expand the student’s knowledge outside of the classroom. The school provides for example Upper Secondary School, Online school and a comprehensive school programme for students with immigrant backgrounds.

Also placements in the field of outdoor leadership, outdoor education, youth work or education are possible to arrange.


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Two application periods: 1.4.-15.5.2020 and 15.9.-1.11.2020.

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