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Forest, the environment and energy focus area researches and develops new products, production processes as well as measurement and monitoring solutions for the fields of bio-economy, circular economy and technology industry. The focus area expertise and laboratories excel in the fields of bio-product and fibre technology, wastewater purification, environmental safety, wood modification as well as energy technology. Annually, the focus area cooperates with close to 400 companies in research and development projects and commissioned projects as well as through piloting and analysis services.


New fibre products and processes

Xamk researches and develops new eco-efficient and energy efficient process concepts for forest biomass, and processing and modification of wood fibre. Xamk’s newest development work is done in cooperation with Aalto University and the focus is on research and piloting activities done with Aaltocell™ technology that aim at productizing microcrystalline cellulose.

Environmental safety

In Xamk, environmental safety means sustainable use of natural resources, increasing eco-friendliness of businesses and ensuring a clean living environment. Development work is aimed at finding clean technology solutions for bio-, water and circular economy as well as intelligent monitoring practises.

Renewable and efficient energy systems

In the field of renewable and efficient energy systems, the focus area researches, develops and analyses the environmental effectiveness of combustion processes, conducts applied research related to renewable energy systems, and provides services for businesses. The strengths of the research group include combustion processes, biogas and bio-coal processing as well as carbon capture from flue gases including recovery concepts.



Research Director
Lasse Pulkkinen
Tel. +358 44 571 5861

Forestry and wood construction

In forestry and wood construction, expertise includes sustainable and efficient forest management and harvesting, and business knowhow in private forestry. Wood construction expertise covers the development of the competitiveness of wood through different kinds of modification techniques, and the development of industrial wood construction.

Materials and circular economy

Material technology testing for technology and construction industry purposes (composite, metal, concrete and wood structures) is a strong service and research field in Xamk. In circular economy development activities, the focus is on biomaterials (side streams of the forest industry and agriculture) as well as in the applications of circular economy in the construction industry and development of knowhow.

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