An interdisciplinary project module in cooperation with HSLU, Xamk and Foundation Brändi

Partner universities

  • Xamk, Kouvola, Finland (Game Design)
  • HSLU, Luzern (Innovation)


Brändi Dog Game
Brändi Dog Game ©

Hands-on introduction to international game design.

Execution of a game design project within a team, solving a real-life challenge provided by the industry partner “Brändi” (the maker of the best-selling board game in Switzerland, Brändi Dog).

Working together in multidisciplinary teams with students from Xamk (Finland) and HSLU (Switzerland).

Application and deepening of problem-solving, project management and professional competencies.

Design and execution of playable wooden prototype of the game idea.

Pitching a game concept as a team to the industry partner Brändi.

Creation of documentation, prototypes and presentation of the results.

Exploring trends in game innovation, business potential of the ideas and possibilities of hybrid games.

Focus on

  • Development of a business case in the games industry for the Brändi Foundation
  • The iterative methodology of design thinking
  • Management of innovation projects in the game industry
  • Working in interdisciplinary teams in design sprints
  • Deepening knowledge about business models of games and the cultural context of games
  • Deepening your practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of game mechanics and in core areas of your professional interests.

Requirements profile

  • Interest in game production with a focus on planning and development
  • Passion for innovation, planning and developing in the game industry
  • Team player in an interdisciplinary team
  • Constructive, solution-oriented behavior in the team
  • Positive attitude towards uncertainty in the work process
  • Desire and pleasure in finding unconventional solutions
  • People-orientiered attitude


The same application and registration process for the course is used by students from both institutions.

The selection of students will be carried out via the contact persons in the individual departments based on the details given in the application form.

Application period: May 11 – August 11, 2022

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Topics and dates

February–June 2023

  • Phase 1: 6.2.2023–10.2.2023
    Kick off / Luzern, Switzerland

    • team building
    • brainstorming
    • client introduction
  • Phase 2: 13.2.–7.5.2023
    Discover, decide, develop and deliver / Remote

    • 5 design sprints
    • Coaching on each sprint
    • Remote work with international teams
  • Phase 3: 8.5.–12.5.2023 (updated dates!)
    Closing and presenting / Kouvola, Finland

    • Final prototypes build in workshops
    • Final presentations & end celebration


6 credits

  • Includes one intensive work week in Switzerland (February, 2 credits) and one in Finland (June, 2 credits)
  • March–May is remote team work / 2 credits
  • Travel expenses of the students are subsidised
  • The module International Innovation Project can only be attended as a complete package (i.e. all three sub-modules).

Client details

The Brändi Foundation – social and professional

The Brändi Foundation is a foundation under private law and a professional non-profit organization. It promotes professional, social and cultural inclusion.

People with mental or physical disabilities and people with learning disabilities or mental impairments work and live at Stiftung Brändi.

Stiftung Brändi is also very successful in the business market. It works closely with industry and commerce in production, training and integration.

It is active in 14 sectors and provides high production services. In the canton of Lucerne, it offers 1100 jobs and apprenticeships and 340 housing opportunities in 15 companies.


Stefanie Fink
Norbert Meier

Suvi Pylvänen