Time: 11.1. – 30.4.2021
Place: Xamk Learn – digital learning environment
Extent: 5 ECTS
Target group: All who are interested in the topic
Required previous skills: Basic computer skills and software use.
Lecturer: Timo Hynninen M.Sc. (Tech) timo.hynninen@xamk.fi


Enrolment by: 27th December
Price: Free of charge

Changes are possible.

Please notice, that
Xamk degree students cannot enrol on OUAS courses.



Learning outcomes: Upon completing this course the student will be able to explain the basic concepts of programming. The student also knows the fundamental programming structures and their operation. The student is able to write short programs using the Python programming language.

Contents and methods: Writing code in Python and using a code editor. Variables, inputs, data types, mathematical operations. Strings of texts and text manipulation. Conditional statements and structures. Control flow structures. Function routines. File handling. Lists and other composite data types. Libraries and extendable modules. Error handling. Algorithmic thinking, data representation and storage. Basic concepts of data processing.

The course will consist of online lecture material, quizzes, weekly exercises and personal assignments. The course is self-paced. 

Assessment: Based on lecture quizzes, exercises, and  assignments

Assessment scale: Accepted/Failed

This course is based on the curricula of Xamk's degree programmes and the Finnish credits are fully compatible with the ECTS.

Additional information on enrolment:
Open University of Applied Sciences office, email openstudies@xamk.fi.

Terms of cancellation: 
Cancellation has to be made 14 days before the course starts. Cancellation by email to openstudies@xamk.fi.

You'll receive an invitation by email to this course approx. one week before the course starts.