16 November 2020
at 9:00-10:30 CET (Poland, Belgia, Spain)
at 10:00-11:30 CET+1 (Finland)

Integrating work and home in the COVID-19 times
(In)balance in life, work, school & home – European discussion and comparisons

Welcome and Short introductions

Work-home integration in pandemic times
Miet Timmers, Lecturer at University College Odisee and Researcher at Centre for Family Studies, Flanders, Belgium, presents the results of Covid-19 study done by her and her colleagues.

The global Covid19 pandemic has dramatically changed the face of work. As teleworking became much more accessible to a large group of people, a lot of family issues became an urgent focus of attention. How do people deal with the boundaries between the work domain and the family domain? What is the impact of gender on the division of tasks? How do small entrepreneurs and the self-employed cope with this situation? How do informal carers and people from the sandwich generation deal with this crisis? And above all: are the changes in the organization of work and family sustainable and permanent or will we go back to square one in a few months?

The Finnish, Polish and Spanish Time4Help partners describe the situation in Finland, Poland and Spain. The audience can ask questions and join the discussion.


The webinar is a part of the Time4Help Finland: Service Business, Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders project which is implemented by the Xamk Small Business Center and co-financed by the European Social Fund and the South Savo Centre for Economic -Development, Transport and the Environment.

The Time4Help project is implemented in an international collaboration with Dobre Kadry, Fundación Acción Contra and El Hambre and Odisee University College.