Time: 1.9.-30.11.2020 
Place: online studies
Extent: 3 ECTS cr
Number of study places: 20
Target group: Nurse students
Lecturer: Xamk lecturer

Note! The course is in Russian language!

Credited in degree: Degree Programme in Nursing

Enrolment by: 23.8.2020
Price: Free of charge

Please notice, that Xamk degree students cannot enrol on OUAS courses.

The population of world is embracing a constantly growing percentage of elderly, which also affects pharmacotherapy, increased use of pharmaceutical drugs and increased pharmaceutical costs. As treatments develop, the pharmaceutical industry offers better and better medicines to alleviate the conditions in the elderly population.

The increased use of drugs in the elderly is clearly seen in the phenomenon called polypharmacy. Except for the consideration of aging-related changes, there are other risks, such as duplicated therapy and drug interaction risks.

This course is called Pharmacotherapy of the aged for nurses 3 ECTS. The course objective is to help the student understand the special aspects of pharmacotherapy of the elderly and consider them at work. The course syllabus contains assignments which you are studying independently.

The topics for the assignments are:

  • Assignment 1: Aging-related changes and pharmacokinetics of medicines
  • Assignment 2: Common adverse effects of drugs in the elderly
  • Assignment 3: Pharmacotherapy and cognitive functions
  • Assignment 4: Polypharmacy in the elderly and drug interaction
  • Assignment 5: High-risk medicines in the pharmacotherapy of the elderly

The whole course is online.