Time: 16.11.2020-31.3.2021
Place: Online studies
Extent: 5 ECTS credits
Target group and prerequisites: The course is suitable for physiotherapists and physiotherapy students (basic studies of respiratory and cardiovascular physical therapy should be completed). The course is also suitable for professionals with skills in working life with respiratory and cardiac patients.
Lecturer: Pia Kraft-Oksala, Pia.Kraft-Oksala@xamk.fi

Credited in degree: Bachelor of Health Care and Social Services, Physiotherapy  
Enrolment by: 1.11.2020
Price: Free of charge

This course is included in Module I of the Diploma of Higher Education in Rehabilitation, 60 ECTS cr. Please notice that enrollment for Module I has ended. Enrollement for Module II, III and IV is open.


Also notice that Xamk degree students cannot enrol on Open UAS courses.

Learning outcomes:

You can:

  • apply your knowhow in respiratory and cardiovascular physiotherapy in advanced level / demanding situations.
  • take into consideration specific features of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and benefit from multi-scientific knowledge when implementing therapy and guidance.
  • apply evidence-based methods in assessment of load level and applying respiratory and cardiovascular physiotherapy utilizing differential diagnosis and clinical reasoning.
  • show your expertise of physiotherapy in multi-professional teams.
  • utilize the knowhow of multi-professional teams in supporting a client’s functions and health-promoting life style.


  • How do you choose, justify, and use assessment methods for performance and load levels to support customer’s targets?
  • How do you support client’s ability to evaluate her/his own progress at various stages of rehabilitation?
  • How do you develop and implement the progressive and right-tier training program for respiratory and cardiovascular clients at various stages of rehabilitation by aligning it with the client's psychosocial resources?
  • How do you guide and support your customers and their close ones to make use of the potential of living and social participation?
  • How do you co-operate multi-professionally with specific issues related to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases?

Assessment: Approved / rejected, passage at H3 level

You are able to:

– use professional vocabulary and concepts in an expert way in different situations
– evaluate information sources critically.
– work as team members in working life expert duties and identify and describe the problems of the professional field.
– evaluate operations in customer, user and target group situations.
– choose appropriate models, methods, software and techniques according to the purpose and justify these choices.
– promote teams’ goal-oriented operation.
– apply critically the ethical principles of the professional field in different situations.


The course is completed in Learn as independent online studies and some peer online discussions.

The student becomes acquainted with the learning material in Learn and completes the competence test and the given learning tasks according to separate assignments on the following themes:

1. Upgrade of Respiratory and Cardiovascular physiotherapy knowledge (0.5 credits)
– The orientation section (1.) of the course includes a respiratory and cardiovascular skill test.

2. Respiratory and Cardiac rehabilitation performance testing (1,5 credits)
– The section (2.) includes 2 tasks:
A. Performance evaluation task that includes alternative questions
B. Performance evaluation task and and peer discussion

3. Developing a Respiratory and Cardiac rehabilitation exercise program (1,5cr)
– The section (3.) includes one short essay assignment

4. Applying Respiratory and Cardiac rehabilitation (1,5 cr)
– The section (4.) includes 2 tasks:
A: An individual task related to the application of functional capacity and training
B: Group discussion on multiprofessionality and social participation


Transcript of records will be delivered by request
 – in paper form for those who have their home address in Finland
 – by email in PDF form for those who have their home address in some other country.

This course is based on the curricula of Xamk's degree programmes and the Finnish credits are fully compatible with the ECTS.

Additional information on enrolment:
Open University of Applied Sciences office, email openstudies@xamk.fi.

Terms of cancellation: 
Cancellation has to be made 14 days before the course starts. Cancellation by email to openstudies@xamk.fi.

You'll receive an invitation by email to this course few days before the course starts.