Time: 18.10.-17.12.2021
Place: Online studies on Learn eLearning platform
Extent: 5 ECTS credits
Target group: All that are interested in this subject
Lecturer: Mr Tuomo Paakkonen

Credited in degree: Bachelor of Health Care and Social Services
Enrolment by: 16.8.2020
Price: Free of charge

This course is included in the Diploma of Higher Education in Rehabilitation, 60 ECTS cr

Please notice, that
Xamk degree students cannot enrol on OUAS courses.

Learning outcomes:

  • You know how to identify the individual and social factors that hamper the integrity of the customer's life situation in cases of mental health, substance abuse and crime.
  • You can support the customer in finding rehabilitation opportunities and perspectives in life situations related to substance abuse, mental health disorders and criminal behavior.
  • In cooperation with the client, you are in a position to strengthen his or her motivation of change in the life situations related to substance abuse, mental disorders or crime.
  • You know how to prepare rehabilitation plan for the client in cases of substance abuse, mental health disorders and criminal acidity and support him in the social rehabilitation process with various methods.
  • You know how to exploit the rehabilitative work approach in the work processes of social rehabilitation.
  • You know how to promote social rehabilitation at a unique and structural level.


The course consists of four main topics.

  • The challenges of the integrity of customer’s life situation.
  • The rehabilitation opportunities in cases of substance abuse, mental health disorders and criminal behavior.
  • The preparation of social rehabilitation plan and utilizing it in social rehabilitation work with adults
  • The promoting of social rehabilitation at individual and structural level.

Study material:

Study material is available in e Learning platform.
The course consists of lectures, learning tasks, group work and independent work.
The course offers virtual lectures that will be saved in Learn-platform. Students will be able to listen them according to their own timetable.


Individual work and group work.
Test measuring competence.

Assessment and assessment criteria:

Two learning tasks. One of the tasks is an individual task and the other task will be done in a group. Individual task: Life management problems and ability to function.
Group task: Comparison of social rehabilitation plans.

Grading scale:
Xamk’s assessment guidelines for students’ know-how and skills. (Bachelor level)

Passed / Failed

Transcript of records will be delivered by request

 – in paper form for those who have their home address in Finland
 – by email in PDF form for those who have their home address in some other country.

This course is based on the curricula of Xamk's degree programmes and the Finnish credits are fully compatible with the ECTS.

Additional information on enrolment:
Open University of Applied Sciences office, email openstudies@xamk.fi.

Terms of cancellation: 
Cancellation has to be made 14 days before the course starts. Cancellation by email to openstudies@xamk.fi.

You'll receive an invitation by email to this course approx. one week before the course starts.