Venture Hub training will provide you with Lean Startup methodology, coaching and network creation with potential team members and business advisors.

The training is targeted for students, new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to develop new business ideas, as well as anyone interested in startup development. Students of South-Eastern University of applied Sciences (Xamk) will get study credits (2 ECTS) of their participation (elective entrepreneurship and innovation studies).

The training will be held from May 29th till May 30rd between 9-15. The language of the training is English. You can participate the training with or without a business idea.

Expert of LEAN STARTUP methodologies, Markus Mäntynen will be in charge of the training. He has over 20 years of experience as a startup entrepreneur and coaching new ventures into commercial success stories.

Schedule and Themes:

May 29th Startup Entrepreneurship

  • Traditional Business vs. Startup Entrepreneurship
  • Why do startups fail?
  • Lean Startup

May 29th Love Business, Not Your Business Idea

  • From Developing Product to Developing Business
  • The Importance of Early Customer Validation
  • Agile Development

May 30rd Marketing and Branding

  • Building a Brand and Networks
  • Whose product are you selling?
  • Trademarks and Patents

May 30rd Sales and Pitching

  • Pitching New Ideas for Investors
  • Product Description and Value Proposition for Customers

Coaching Session

The participants will be informed about the details of the training by e-mail before the start of the training. 

By registration the participants will commit to participate all the trainings. Participants will receive a certificate of completion of the training. 

The training is free of charge.

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Maisa Kantanen
040 569 7899

The training is organized by The Third Wave of Entrepreneurship project, which is funded by South-Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment through European Union Social Fund.