Xamk Game Studios and Xlab project are looking for INTERN(S) for developing and testing the VR-model of the new Xamk Kotka Campus. Interns will be developing the model and assisting with the testing and presenting the model in the Game Studios -space in Kotka Campus. Testing can also be arranged in other Xamk Campuses.

We are looking for inters who are interested in 3D-modeling, VR-technology and/or game engines. Experience in Unity or Unreal is seen as a plus. During the testing and demonstrations intern will be in charge of the tech set-up, assisting the testers and making sure everything goes smoothly.


The new Kotka Campus has been developed with Virrake. See more here


Send your applications at  https://www.xamk.fi/xamk-game-studios-opiskelijoille/

Position will be filled as soon as the possible. Interships at Xamk RDI projects are not paid, but interns do get study credits. Consult your teacher if needed.

Maarit Vahvanen, Project Manager, maarit.vahvanen@xamk.fi, 044 702 8428