The topic of the research publication, Research on Current and Development Needs in the Automotive and Motorsport Industry, is the current situation of the automotive industry in Finland and its development over the next ten years. In addition, the publication focuses on the development of motorsport in Europe as car technology becomes electrified and emission targets become stricter.

The study examined changes in passenger cars in Finland in 2020-2030, focusing in particular on technological changes. Passenger cars are going through a huge upheaval, the significance of which even goes beyond the transition from horse-drawn carriages to horse-free carriages. This upheaval is driven by political, environmental, social, technological and economic factors.

The challenges in the automotive sector are changing at an unprecedented rate, and the key question is how education can meet them. Taitaja has been training automotive professionals for more than 40 years and, since 2015, also motorsport mechanics in cooperation with motorsports garages. As part of the continuous development of training, Taitaja has implemented national and international projects aimed at identifying and integrating future competence requirements in the vehicle industry into training programs. Development work has been carried out in close co-operation with companies and research institutes in the vehicle and logistics sector.

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