Race4Scale – Development of Automotive and Motorsport Ecosystems -project started in May 2020. The project has six partners. Three of the partners are from Kouvola, Finland and three are from St. Petersburg, Russia. WP1 activities of the project happen this autumn. WP1 consist of four researches and two workshops. The research organizations are the project partners and their subjects are:

  • Xamk: The identification of trends, driving forces and weak signals regarding and around passenger cars in Finland from 2020 to 2030.
  • Taitaja: Describing the current situation and potential future developments of the motorsports industry, focusing on the fields of Formula and rally in the Finnish and European context.
  • LETI: Evaluating the current state of and making predictions for the Finnish-Russian cross-border automotive ecosystem.
  • Autoprom: Multidisciplinary applied research of the current and future (development) needs and the future professions in the automotive industry and motor-technics.

Because of the Covid lockdown the partners will arrange two separate workshops in October-November 2020, one in Russia and one in Finland. The implementations will be arranged as a combination of remote connection and physical presence. At the workshops the groups will be working with the topics and high-lights of WP1 researches. The groups will consist of students, teachers and external professionals. A publication of WP1 will be published in December 2020.