In times like these … we have in the digital area a HASHTAG for a virus #COVID-19

An epic experience we all facing nowadays, but what can we learn from it and in particular what can we see from it. Is it all negative? Do we need to live our lives in the future in fear, of getting to close? Am I not allowed to huge my friends in the future anymore? Hugging of pure joy and happiness to see them, in the future not possible as I could be spreading some #COVID-19 or #COVID-SARS-V2 or how they call or am I just spreading the VIRUS of #sabihappiness?

Sitting at home and thinking of many things, hearing my daughter in the next room working on her school assignments and talking to her classmates for figuring out teamwork in the virtual time. My husband downstairs figuring out how to bring back his parents save and sound to Finland from Spain. I, by myself, living in Finland and knowing my parents in Austria or locked out and are restricted in moving. My mother´s 65 birthday today, my father looking up the mountains and is getting sooner or later a bit mad, cause of not moving outside. A virtual birthday song this morning for my mother to cheer her up – it was an enjoyable experience.

Today, one of my working colleges asked me, how do you say calm or positive? Many things are going on, and you cannot be there. It is true, but in times like this, you start to value what you have, I cannot change it if I would freak out what it would help? I see it positive, cause there are no options – so everybody tries it and do not see in every situation something negative.

The information and the MEDIA are doing their part in spreading the word, please check this link:

One information on this charts are concerning me, and it is the fact that COVID-19 mentions in the MEDIA 2,1 billion, HIV 69.5 million and SARS 66.3 million and EBOLA “only” 16.2 million (source: Total Google News hits.). Another more challenging fact is and that information was updated on 16.3.2020 “Average Disease Deaths per day worldwide: Tuberculosis 3.014 and COVID-19 88. Those impacts of MEDIA and its effect on human beings is important, so is the virus.

Suddenly nature has time to regenerate

According to an article by the BBC (, the affection of the coronavirus has a significant impact. Pollutants and warming gases over some cities showing massive drops, such as e.g. carbon monoxide (from cars) reduced nearly 50 % according to last years measurements. Traffic estimated down 35%, in China over the last two weeks a drop-down of CO2 emissions by 25%. What does it mean? China is suddenly seeing a BLUE sky and birds singing. Of course, this is the beginning and we need to see how long the pandemic lasts, but there will be some results.

“Nature has time to regenerate – cause we do not treat her well – may this be a wakeup call for all of us to be nicer and more kind.”

Another great example is in Italy, people are standing on their balconies and singing together, and in Venetia, the water suddenly is getting clear and fishes are coming back.

The list of positive impact at the moment is getting day by day longer, and I believe this is a very positive outcome on a difficult time like this. Also the fact to be more home and be present, meaning be with the family and enjoy time outside, maybe also safe some money as there is no need for shopping for unnecessary stuff.

Twin Campus Green and Sustainable Challenge – will emphasize your green thinking

The project is organizing an opportunity for all green thinking students and staff members to join a green and sustainable challenge. In this challenge we offer different cases, which need new solutions and new ideas. Participants can use and explore their creativity. The outcome of the ideas can be open but should be still realistic.

We will not save the planet, but we will generate an impact.

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Sabine Suorsa, Project Manager and RDI Expert