The STEAMProcess project’s first output will be published soon as a web-based publication. This publication will also contain the material as a downloadable PDF. The objective of IO1 is to create the framework of the A (Art) Skills; the soft skills that are typical of artistic processes. 

Double diamond model of the phases: Phase one includes the insight and instinct, phase two includes the process and test drives and phase three includes the output and social impact of the case.
The three Phases. Graphic by Henna Suortti.

In the general perspective of introducing the variable A in the STEM processes, it is, in fact, necessary to define the added value that artists can bring to the STEM sectors in terms of soft skills (e.g. the ability to think out of the box, the ability to manage unknowns, the ability to establish an empathic relationship with heterogeneous contexts, etc.).

We explore this theme through 16 cases that we have gathered and divided into three Phases. These phases are 1) INSIGHT, Instinct, 2) PROCESS, “Test drives” and 3) OUTPUT, Social Impact. Before diving into the cases, the publication will showcase some widely knows frameworks and methodologies on how to map the collision of arts and science.

All 16 cases have an introduction to their main idea through Who, What, Why and Results. With this publication we hope aspire respect and awe towards art, just like the admiration we have for great science.