Welcome to our Xamk Game Studios Summer Internship 2024


During the 4 month internship, 20 game development students from XAMK, from the degree programs in Game Design, Game Technology, and Game Programming, as well as Graphic Design and Digital International Business (DIB), will work on 7 interesting projects.

This year project and case providers are coming from our stakeholders and partners, such as e.g. Satama Areena , Maritime Centre Vellamo, Jukurit Mikkeli Coachingand other interesting projects provided by Xamk itself (FUEL space game, *ship application, and others.

The cases were carefully divided between groups,  based on the talents and specifics of the interns. Some students were interested in working with VR (virtual reality), others are very good at graphic design or modeling – that is how most trainees got into the projects they could complete successfully.


In their internships, students will use the equipment provided by XAMK to work on business, design, and game-related cases. The equipment includes high-end computers, motion capture tools, 3D modeling software, virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, and other tools to achieve their goal.


XGS summer internship is a great opportunity for interns to add projects to their portfolios or continue working on them as thesis topics after completing their internships!

There are many options and opportunities that students can take, at XGS we are offering those options, and freely students can choose.

WHAT DO WE OFFER – for Students and Stakeholders


A part of the internship will include participating in events such as Demo Day, Game Track, different workshops and masterclasses, and more, which will allow interns to showcase their work and network with employers and business owners as a result. By letting the students pitch their projects to an audience during DEMO DAYS, they can improve their soft skills, which are essential for achieving success. Demo Days are a great opportunity for stakeholders to see the progress and provide feedback and additional suggestions. After the internship ends comes the GAME TRACK event where students will showcase their projects and get feedback from professionals in the industry.


This year’s annual GAME TRACK event will be on 21.November 2024




The Team behind the XGS Summer Internship 2024 – is supporting the students through the whole summer, and this year we are every Tuesday and Wednesday on-site at the XAMK Meduusa Studio.


Here is our Team

Kristo Juurinen (Project Manager – XGS), is leading our project and is a specialist in Game Technology and Game Programming,  Eric Littell (Project Worker – XGS), is leading the internship and organizing our Game Jams,  and Sabine Suorsa (RDI Expert – XGS), is developing the international Game Industry Network and is a specialist in Game Business, Piia Selinkoski (Project Worker – XGS), is leading the community building and is a specialist in the design area.















They provide the students with all the game technology tools and equipment needed for their projects. Mentors are also experts in game programming and business so they are willing to give a piece of advice for the teams who need it. Students should be able to explore and develop their creativity and enhance their technological skills. With the support of the staff members, students will gain new


This year we have the privilege of having a Digital International Business (DIB) student in the internship, we would like to introduce you to Mariia Gorbunova.

Mariia will be our Project Assistant at the Internship 2024, in charge of our marketing and social media actions, content creator, and lead the event organization around our annual 𝐆𝐀𝐌𝐄 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐊 on 21.11. 2024.


Mariia is a very passionate web designer and Content creator. With a great attitude to learning about the Game Industry, particularly in game design, game technology, and game programming, we are happy to welcome her to our team.

We are sure with her outstanding positive energy, she will make our events and internships a true pleasure and success.


At Xamk Game Studios we are delighted to welcome students from all degree programs, to join us in our internship program, and to learn new skills and gain experience.


Our interns will have a great summer full of discoveries and much work. Good luck!


Stay connected for updates!


Blog post written by Mariia Gorbunova