Xamk Game Studios Summer Internship aims to prepare and support students for the labor market, providing them with solid tools and knowledge to be more competitive. The idea is to help students think outside the box and emphasize the entrepreneurial mindset. The main goal of the Xamk Game Studios internship is to teach students to work independently on cases provided by our Xamk Stakeholders. Those cases must have the possibility of being implemented in the company’s procedure or even as a new tool to achieve better economic goals.



Xamk Game Studios staff members provide the students with the necessary game technology tools and equipment to work on such products or services for our clients. Giving the students group the required freedom to explore and develop their creativity and enhance their technological skill set is essential.


2023 was packed with exciting projects during our summer Internship, as well as very talented students from different degree programs who were put into teams during the application process. During this summer internship, we offered a good variety of cases provided by our stakeholders, such as KRAO Kouvola Railway and Adult Education Company, Xamk – Education Department for Game Technology,  and Xamk – Education Department for Social and Health Care. The focus was primarily on creating a bridge between the possibility game technology can give to other industry sectors and fields.

Three out of the five projects our student interns got to work on during the summer were not focused on pure entertainment; instead, they were targeted for educational purposes; hence, every project enabled us to provide our student interns with a hands-on work experience that was valuable and created the opportunity for them to both improve their already acquired skills and learn new ones.

What offer to our student interns

In the Xamk Game Studios internship program, there are many activities during the summer, such as DEMO DAYS and Masterclasses, as well as social activities. In particular, DEMO DAYS are an excellent way to help the students increase their soft skills by letting them pitch their projects in front of an audience. The stakeholders can see the progress during those Demo Days and are more welcome to give their feedback and additional suggestions.

The Masterclasses have been provided once per month, and the topics for those events have been in various fields, such as game technology and game programming, service design, and business pitching sessions. As the game industry is an open and casual environment, many opportunities came from the international game industry, which has been very inspiring and motivating for the student interns.


Pitching (as seen in the picture) has been a great experience and a great outcome of the overall internship. Soft skills are some skills that can be reached and learned during such opportunities.

At the end of each year, Xamk Game Studios organizes its annual GAME TRACK event. The event allows student interns to reach the industry and showcase their products or services. This year, the event was held on 23.11.2023 in Kotka and will return in 2024.

GAME TRACK 2024 –> 21. November 2024

Where did our student interns come from?

The application for joining the Xamk Game Studios internships is open to all students from XAMK; there are no limitations on which degree program students are studying. This year, we had students from the degree programs in Service Design, Engineering-Information Technology, and Graphic Design to be mentioned.

To create a bridge between game technology and other industries, we ensured that our student interns got to work in multidisciplinary teams with members from different study programs (as mentioned) and various cultural backgrounds. For that reason, the whole internship is in ENGLISH.

This gave the students the imperative to share different perspectives, learn how to communicate effectively and improve their soft skills.


Setting them up for a rewarding challenge

When building the teams for the internship, we consider the student interns’ interests, skills, and how they want to be challenged. For example, if a student wants to learn more about UE5 (=Unreal Engine 5), we try to find a suitable case and team where the development engine will be UE5 (=Unreal Engine 5). Xamk Game Studios provides student interns with game technology tools they need to develop the given case to the fullest. Such tools can be, for example, VR-glass sets, haptic technology, motion capture suits, or even a Sony Dualsense console to create an entirely new game by using all the features such a console brings with it.

With this method, we allow our students to explore their skills and consider becoming the next expert in specific fields of game technology.

Xamk Game Studios internship has been held for the last four years. It has been a great network of game industry and game technology experts with a good understanding of, for example, the entrepreneurial mindset and creative thinking processes. We believe the benefit of learning about a subject and implementing learning-by-doing is excellent for students, as is the opportunity to do such inside your university. The support act from the XAMK side is gratifying as many of our previous students found suitable job replacements and great possibilities in the game industry.

The new application period for Xamk Game Studios summer internship will open in January-February 2024.

Article written by Eric Littell