The goal of the project is to improve the digital skills of 16–35-year-olds in the Southern Savonia region to promote their employment.

Young people and young adults are often thought to have particularly good digital skills, but in reality their level of digital skills varies greatly. If skills are lacking, it can make it difficult to study and find employment, or even hinder them. Deficiencies in digital literacy can also make it difficult to participate in society and use various services. The management and control skills of various digital functions as well as the ability to utilize versatile digital platforms and solutions will also be an important part of key working life skills in the future.

The goal of the APT – sparring the digital skills of young people and young adults -project is to improve the digital skills of 16-35 year olds in the Southern Savonia region to promote their employment. The project is managed by South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences youth research and development centre Juvenia.


  • The project develops the target groups digital skills to promote their employment through trainings, workshops and low-threshold individual guidance. The trainings and workshops entirety’s contents are compiled to answer the target groups and the partner’s needs. Information of the target groups needs for development of digital skills, in relation to the future’s working life’s requirements, are gathered by an inquiry and surveys.
  • The project develops target group’s participants ability to bring their own competence forward on digital platforms to promote their employment. In addition, strengthening their skills in identifying their competence acquired in their free time, studies and hobbies, will be strengthened and utilized in job search.


As a result of the project, young people and young adults who participated in the project’s trainings, workshops and individual counseling:

  • competence identity strengthens, and they know how to market themselves and their competences on different platforms, that promote employment.
  • the ability to recognize their own already acquired skills develops. This increases their opportunities of getting a job, that corresponds to their skills. At the same time their confidence as a job seeker will grow.
  • knowledge of various digital platforms and solutions for employment will grow, and they are able to assess, what would benefit them as job seekers.
  • the ability to learn to network on digital platforms develops, and in this way promotes employment.
  • skills to learn and gain experience on utilizing various digital solutions accrue, such as making a video CV and a visual CV and promoting employment with the help of these.
  • skills of using various systems develop, which speeds up the job search. The job search becomes more fluent, which speeds up employment.
  • skills to learn to use various digital platforms and solutions, required by telecommuting, will improve. The participants interaction skills will increase in relation to the challenges of telecommuting, which in it’s part adds to participants coping and digital well-being.
  • during the activities of the project, the participants are challenged to ponder, which direction is their career going and what kind of skills do they need to accomplish, to have a chance in the future to pursue their career dreams

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More information

Elisa de Boer
Project manager
+358 50 473 2527

Emmi Nykänen
+358 50 400 2877

Tanja Munnukka
Project worker
+358 50 598 6478



APT-projects Autumn’s training- and events calendar will be updated during August, as the contents and schedules become more precise.


APT-project’s brochure is downloadable here: osuva_a5_esite (Finnish)

If you need the project’s broshures or posters four your premises or customers, we can deliver them to your desired address upon request. Your requests can be sent for example via email: emmi.nykanen(at)



17.2.2022: Tips for summer job application -online event
23.3.2022: Identifying own competence and applying for a job -online training
20.4.2022: Making a video presentation and a good CV -online training
28.4.2022: LinkedIn as support for a personal career path and job search.
16.5.2022: ForeAmmatti-info
18.5.2022: Tips for a job interview -online training


APT - sparring the digital skills of young people and young adults -project

1 January 2022 – 31 August 2023

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Focus areas: Sustainable wellbeing
Xamk Research Units: Juvenia


Total budget: € 235 933

XAMK part of the total budget: € 47 187

Financiers and main source of funding: Etelä-Savon ELY-keskus Euroopan sosiaalirahastosta