Creative management and marketing

This project aims at furthering skills in innovative management and marketing as well as creates new concepts for cultural festivals, cultural houses and event organizers in St. Petersburg, Kouvola, Kotka and Mikkeli regions. We also further the attractiveness of regions across the Finnish-Russian border through developing cross-artistic, multi-disciplinary concepts within festival and fashion design industries by using service design tools and gamification.

Tourism and culture

Cultural events have a great potential to be sources of sustainable development from the perspective of tourism related industries. Cultural events advance visits in the hotels, restaurants, nature destinations and other leisure attractions in the region. The significant increase in the number of festivals in St. Petersburg region in the recent years indicates the keen interest to event industry as one of the main boosters of cultural tourism as well.

We focus on:

  • How to make a successful event?
  • How to attract new audiences?
  • How to increase visibility and recognition of the cultural events?
  • How to enhance cross-border co-operation between Finland and Russia?

Case-studies, co-operation, work placements, internships

Do you recognize the challenges listed above?
Would you like to develop the contents of your events?
Do you have specific developmental challenges that could be tackled with an international team of experts and students?
Could your festival, cultural house or organization be a case study?

Our partners in Finland already include The Mikkeli Music Festival, Kotkan Meripäivät -city festival at Kotka, and the cultural houses and theatres of Mikkeli, Kouvola and Kotka region. We also co-operate with a variety of cultural houses and festivals, such as the Fashion contest Admiralty Needle, in the Saint Petersburg region, as well as small-and medium sized businesses, association and other actors in the creative field.

Congress and Concert Hall Mikaeli at St. Michel, Photo credit Pihla Liukkonen, Mikkeli Music Festival.

Can your cultural house or organization offer internships and work placements to enthusiastic and diligently working students from the following fields:

  • fashion and costume design
  • cultural productions and management
  • hospitality management
  • game design
  • service design
  • international business
  • networks development
  • marketing
  • cross-border co-operation between Finland and Russia

If you answered YES to any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Manager, Ms. Heini Haapaniemi.

Summer Schools and Hackathons in Kouvola, Mikkeli and St. Petersburg

We organize hackathons in Kouvola, Mikkeli and Saint Petersburg in order to create new concepts and development ideas for the participating festivals, cultural houses and organizations. The C3E Hackathons are design sprint-like events in which experts, lecturer and students of two Russian universities and one Finnish university of applied sciences come together to use the service design methods to tackle the case study challenges. In the hackathons we use the service design methods and bring in the concept of gamification in order to meet the tastes of the new audiences.

We organize the hackathons in the form of competitions: the best suggestions will be rewarded and turned into functioning products and processes by the commissioning partners.

Cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary learning contexts

The co-operation between educational institutions, research, SMEs, businesses and the third sector benefit much from working closer together. We aim at creating synergic relations and flexible, real-life contexts to learning.


Header image credits: Daria Enukhova, Pihla Liukkonen (collage of multiple photos made in Xamk).

More info

Ms. Heini Haapaniemi
Project Manager
Contents for Cross-Cultural Events C3E
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk
+358 447028355

SYNESTESIA – Kilpailu musiikin visualisoimiseksi Mikkelin musiikkijuhlille 2020

Visualisoi Jean Sibeliuksen 3. Sinfonia Mikkelin Musiikkijuhlille 2020 niin, että kukin sinfonian osa muodostaa oman kilpailuteoksensa.

Hyödynnä mitä tahansa taidemuotoa, mutta esitä se videomuotoisena (mp4).
Osallistu yksin tai ryhmänä 31.3.2020 klo 16 mennessä

Palkinto ja voittajat:
Voittajateokset esitetään livekonsertissa Mikkelin XXIX Musiikkijuhlien päätöskonsertissa
Finnish Fantasia 12.7.2020 klo 19 konsertti- ja kongressitalo Mikaelissa Mikkelissä.
Kilpailun paras työ palkitaan 1000 eurolla.

Mentoroinnista vastaa OiOi

Lue lisää kilpailusta

We develop:

  • business and entrepreneurial skills
  • business models
  • in-depth knowledge about management
  • marketing & brand development
  • key stakeholder relations across the Finnish-Russian border
  • leadership in creative industries
  • new event concepts
  • brand development


  • operating cultures
  • audience development
  • audience likings
  • showcasing cultural contents from both sides of the Finland – Russia border
  • solving practical problems
  • furthering people-to-people contacts

We renew education by:

  • building flexible curricula
  • building support networks
  • Increasing the in depth knowledge about management
  • sharing the best practices
  • producing flexible platforms and models for learning for the target groups
  • The project furthers learning-by-doing approaches and
  • peer learning
  • coaching and mentoring activities
  • mentor-apprentice relationships

Photo by Daria Enukhova

Culture and Art related travel packages aimed at international customers

The culture and art related travel packages we create are primarily aimed at international travelers and groups on both sides of the border. The international tourists might seek to see a variety of culture in scarcely populated Finland: nature, cultural events and festivals or local design & fashion venues, gastronomy and get inspired by the woods of Finland compared to the sizzling Metropolitan cultures and attractions of St. Petersburg. We co-operate closely with such umbrella organizations as VitiSaimaa, VisitMikkeli, Kouvola Innovations – Kinno.


This C3E project creates travelling packages and studies the possibilities of cultural events & tourism from the perspective of international tourists. The Market Study in 2019 focuses on the customer point of view and the economic impact of the cultural festivals in the selected regions. The purpose of the market studies arranged in Kouvola, Kotka, Mikkeli and St. Petersburg is to provide insight into the current situation, challenges and future prospects for the most important festivals, cultural events, cultural institutions (such as theatres and orchestras) and municipal cultural administration. In other words, we focus the market analyses on actors that are either already doing cross-border co-operation or have a clear connection potential across the border.

The potential partners: 

  • are willing to entice new audiences
  • have a potential for growth
  • are in a renewal phase
  • look for new partners
  • can be connected to the study lines offered in our educational institutions
  • are in need of consultation and new concepts for their marketing management, general management, networks and audience development
  • are willing to negotiate about their cultural contents in the form of inviting and show casing new talent in the form of dress design, service design, visual design and graphic design

In relation to the cross border cultural contents, we focus on the following points:


  1. What role do the cross-cultural contents play in the existing festivals/cultural events in the cross-border region?
  2. What possibilities are there for adding cross-cultural contents into existing events? What would be the added value received and perceived by them?
  3. What kind of competences are needed for creating and managing events involving cross-cultural contents?
  4. Which partners are needed for developing competences for festival design and event management involving cross-cultural contents?
  5. How will city dwellers and tourists get interested in new concepts and pilots of cross-cultural events?
  6. What are the specific needs oar challenges concerning cross-border co-operation?
  7. How would the cultural organization benefit from working closely with the C3E project partners: The Institute of Cultural Programmes, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk or the Russian Universities Stieglitz Academy of Fine Arts and SPbSUITD (which studylines, please specify).


The C3E Project in a nutshell

This project is part of the CBC 2014-2020 Southeast Finland – Russia programme funded by the European Union, The Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. The overall CBC 2014-2020 umbrella programme aims at creating attractive regions for people and businesses. This particular Project falls under the Priority 2 aiming at an innovative, skilled and well-educated area. The thematic objective is to support education, research, technological development and innovation.

Budget: 751 500 €
Time span: 36 months 12/2018 – 11/2021
A Call for co-operation in Mikkeli, Kotka, Kouvola and Saint Petersburg regions
We are currently looking for local partners and stakeholders in Finland and in Russia to start our piloting and case study planning. If your organization is a representative of cultural institutions, festivals, tourism sector, NGO (non-governmental organization) or an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) related to the fields, please do not hesitate to send further inquiries to:

Ms. Heini Haapaniemi
Project Manager
Contents for Cross-Cultural Events C3E
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk
+358 447028355

The C3E project is funded by the European Union, The Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.


Hackathon for Creative Businesses, Kouvola

Students of Design, Business, Hospitality Management or Culture:

Earn 5 credits doing multidisciplinary creative prototyping with fashion design, gamification and service design experts with students from
the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design.

1. Immersive gamified contents for the Mikkeli Music Festival with OiOi
2. Movable container accommodation for the Kotka Maritime Festival
3. Character conceptualisations with Kouvola Theatre

Using your artistic taste and ideas with the latest technology!

Register at Peppi


​Suunnittele Asuntomessujen standille Pietarin tapahtumaan ketterä ja huomiota herättävä toiminnallinen tai rakenteluun ja askarteluun perustuva oheistuote.

Asuntomessut – Kouvola on esillä Pietarin Day of Finlandissa Pietarin Port Sevkabelissa la 25.5.2019 järjestettävillä suurilla messuilla, joihin odotetaan tuhansia osallistujia, etenkin lapsiperheitä. Tapahtuman järjestäjä on Visit Finland.

Oheistuotteen tarkoitus on pysäyttää ohikulkijat, lähinnä lapsiperheet, toiminnallisen rakentelun tai askartelun äärelle Asuntomessujen standille. Kyseisen tuotteen tai askartelun tulisi olla kevytrakenteinen ja se annetaan lopuksi asiakkaalle. Idean tulee liittyä jollain tapaa Asuntomessuihin Kouvolassa: asumiseen, sisustamiseen, suomalaisuuteen, skandinaaviseen muotokieleen tai designiin. Oheen voi suunnitella myös kevyen lavasteen tai roll-upin.

Luvassa rahapalkinto parhaasta toteutettavasta suunnitelmasta. Tuotteen suunnittelu tehdään opiskelijatyönä ja tuote voidaan tuottaa Pietarissa alihankintana. Voittaja pääsee myös itse mukaan Pietariin kyseiseen tapahtumaan, järjestäjä maksaa voittajan matkat, majoituksen ja viisumin.

Lähetä ehdotuksesi 5.4.2019 mennessä


Day of Finland -tapahtuma: ​

Asuntomessut Kouvolassa:

Xamkin Venäjä-yhteistyön luovan alan hankkeesta:

Projektipäällikkö Heini Haapaniemi
Contents for Cross-Cultural Events
CBC 2014-2020South-East Finland – Russia
+358 44 7028 355

The Admiralty Needle Fashion Contest

For international fashion designers


Click here for more information.


Cultural Projects & Innovations. Best International Practices Conference, St. Petersburg



Morning Coffee with Mikkeli Music Festival Stakeholders



Design Competition with the Housing Fare, Kouvola, Finland





Hackathon for Creative Businesses, Kouvola



Hackathon for Creative Businesses, St. Petersburg


Growth potential for international visitors at St. Olaf’s Medieval Festival Vyborg

The Content for Cross-Cultural Events – C3E is a Russian-Finnish project funded from the CBC 2014-2020 programme. It furthers creative management and marketing as well as creates new concepts for cultural festivals, cultural houses and event organizers in St. Petersburg, Vyborg, Kouvola, Kotka and Mikkeli regions. We also further the attractiveness of regions across the...

Impressive Russian-Finnish Collaborations at the Mikkeli Music Festival

The Contents for Cross-Cultural Events C3E, a Finnish-Russian development project for the creative sector coordinated by XAMK, has started collaborations with Mikkeli Music Festival. A team of C3E experts participated the XXVIII Mikkeli Music Festival on 1.-5.7.2019 at St. Michel, Finland, in order to further strengthen the festival’s international networks and come up with a...

Creating unique experiences with the Mikkeli Music Festival

The aim of the Contents for Cross Cultural Events – C3E stakeholder coffee event on the 21st of March at Concerthall Mikaeli was to enhance collaboration between cultural actors, companies, the third sector and educational institutions to create unique experiences for Mikkeli residents, visitors and tourists with the Mikkeli Music Festival as a case study....


Contents for Cross-Cultural Events - C3E

01.12.2018 - 30.11.2021


Administrator: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Partial implementers: Institute for Cultural Programs St. Petersburg, Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry, Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

Fields of expertise: Creative Industries Digital economy
XAMK research centers: luovat alat


Total budget: 751500 €

XAMK part of the total budget: 80100 €

Financiers and main source of funding: ENI CBC 2014-2020