Towards Resource-Wise Utilization of End-Of-Life Textiles

The project has ended.

From the beginning of 2025, the member states of EU are obliged by EU directive to organize a separate collection of end-of-life textiles. “End-of-life textiles” mean textiles that are discarded by their owners. Such textiles include both textile waste and textile products that are used, but undamaged. According to a proposal to the Waste Act approved by the Finnish Government, the regional collection of the end-of-life textiles would start in Finland already from the beginning of 2023.


In the Mekstiili design project, a broad cooperation network was gathered to innovate new methods for the collection, sorting and versatile reuse of end-of-life textiles. The near municipalities, waste companies, and other stakeholders like companies, entrepreneurs, organizations, educational institutions and potential project partners were contacted during the design project. The objective of the project was to create a regional network around Mikkeli, which permits a wise way to meet the obligations of the Waste Act. Possibilities for national partnerships were also established. A goal was to foster the creation of new, sustainable businesses in South Savo area.


The Mekstiili project wass structured around five Work Packages:

  • Work Package 1: Mapping of collection models
  • Work Package 2: A review of sorting options
  • Work Package 3: Innovation of reuse systems
  • Work Package 4: Textile recycling as an employer
  • Work Package 5: Communication and development plans


The project results in a development plan, cooperation network and project plans for further development. Impacts of the project:

  1. New cooperation networks
  2. Better understanding about the entity of textile recycling process and its possibilities, challenges and development requirements
  3. Guiding players towards change and new practices
  4. Residents’ and entrepreneurs’ growing awareness of the climatic effects and solutions of textile recycling
  5. Understanding the regional scale of the textile recycling regionally and the impacts on employment

More information

Kati Jordan
Project Manager
puh. 050 357 9395

Miia Sourander
Project Engineer

Hanne Soininen
Research Manager
0400 869 952


Mekstiili Design Project

1 June 2021 – 28 February 2022

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Other partners: Metsäsairila Oy, ViaDia Mikkeli ry, Mikkelin Toimintakeskus ry, Mikkelin kehitysyhtiö Miksei Oy


Total budget: € 79 336

Financiers and main source of funding: South Savo Regional Council (from the Regional Self-Development Fund)