Xamk Game Studios combines South-Eastern Finland University’s game industry with the Research, Development & Innovation field from different campuses!

The goal of the project is to develop an innovative game industry centre in Kymenlaakso and Southern Savonia, which binds the South-Eastern Finland Universitys and the stakeholders’ game industry knowledge from Kotka, Kouvola and Mikkeli.

Through the Xamk Game Studios facilities, which will be formed on the three campuses, the goal is to develop national and international expertise in the gaming industry by colliding the gaming students with local entrepreneurs and other service sector organizations. The core of Xamk Game Studios’ operations is closely linked to the following degree programs: Game Design Kouvola, Game Programming Kotka and Information Technology Mikkeli. In addition, the project measures will also integrate students from other fields such as service design, social work, community pedagogy, logistics and marine technology, business and well-being into multidisciplinary student teams. By colliding the students from various fields of the University with RDI experts and entrepreneurs, new and innovative business and research activities will be created in the region which will open up new jobs, new businesses and new companies in the area. The aim is to make Kymenlaakso a national and international brand in the gaming industry through innovation incubators, which will attract game industry experts into the region.

Work packages for the Xamk Game Studios project in brief

  1. Xamk Game Studios Co-innovation Workspaces – space and hardware solutions that strengthen interoperability
  2. Conception of game education and gamification RDI as Xamk Game Studios -concept
  3. Experimental development and commercialization of Xamk Game Studios products and services in a corporate interface
  4. Strengthening international educational and RDI partnerships for gamification

Work package 5 implements the project’s measures for Southern Savonia. The measures of the work package will be combined with work packages 1-4 so that the corresponding measures of Southern Savonia will be implemented in measures 5.1 to 5.4 of work package 5.

The project also includes an investment section.

More info

Maarit Vahvanen, Kotka

p. 044 702 8428

Samuli Karevaara, Kouvola
Tutkimuspäällikkö, TKI-asiantuntija

Timo Partala, Mikkeli
Tutkimuspäällikkö, TKI-asiantuntija

Jani Ruotsalainen, Mikkeli

Markus Loukiainen, Mikkeli


Do you want to develop your game industry skills? Get involved in Xamk Game Studios activities. Xamk Game Studios offers students interesting projects related to the gaming industry.


For companies

Is your organization interested in learning about new technologies? Consider, for example, the possibilities of augmented reality AR and virtual reality VR? Are you interested in developing gamified solutions to use in your business? Contact us and we will tell you more about the activities of Xamk Game Studios.





Xamk Game Studios

01.04.2020 - 31.12.2022


Administrator: Kaakkois-Suomen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy, Xamk

Fields of expertise: Digitaalinen talous Luovat alat


Total budget: 526 609 €

Financiers and main source of funding: Kymenlaakson liitto, EAKR-rahoitus