Xlab Kotka is a multifunctional innovation space for Xamk and RDI-projects


Xlab Kotka is a combined co-work, innovation and living lab type of space. Xlab Kotka is for Xamk students, staff and Research, Development and Innovation -projects of Kymenlaakso area. The space offers office and meeting spaces for the network.

In 2020 we are focusing more on Xamk students and student entrepreneurship. Xlab Kotka is available for events as well, but in 2020 that is not the main objective of the space.

Xlab Kotka is located in the city center, at Kirkkokatu 20, 48100 Kotka. Doors open on weekdays 9-15.


Maarit vahvanen
Project Manager
+358 44 702 8428

Anni Lippo
+358 44 702 8213

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Information combining entrepeneurship and studies in Xamk for 2020

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xlab kotka - project

In Kymenlaakso, at Kotkansaari in the city of Kotka there are several ongoing infrastructural investments; The city of Kotka has d cided to invest 20 million euros into an event center and XAMK 30-40 million euros into the new campus. In this project, the obje tive is to develop research, development and innovation (RDI) activities for the physical and digital platform, on which the new activities and services can be practically tested before the actual campus becomes available, and also gain practical insight and experiences from the regional ecosystem, and on the practical needs and usability issues related to the new campus areas.

This project will deliver following activities and results:

Develop an innovation platform, which can collect and grade different types of ideas and events for the XLAB Kotka and in general, for the multipurpose arena.

Develop a physical location, which enables different types of public events, RDI-activities, and experiments on the Kotkansaari, with the objective of transferring the experiences and gained knowledge of the new campus area. This location would also allow starting the different types of new activities and services in Kotkansaari even before the actual campus buildings are available.

During the project, the objective is to organize and host public events at the Xlab Kotka location to test different services and r quirements, conduct experiments or industry-based RDI-activities, test and develop opportunities for new business ventures and test and develop event center services.

After the project, these activities will be continued in the new campus ecosystem at Kotkansaari by XAMK Kotka when the buildings are available in Fall 2022, or before that on the old campus in Metsola or in other autonomously acting research unit within Kotkansaari.

The project is run in co-operation with Xamk and Cursor Oy, the regional development company of Kymenlaakso, during 1.5.2018 – 31.8.2020.

XLab - Yhteydenottolomake


Xlab - Yhteys yrityksiin

01.05.2018 - 31.08.2020


Administrator: Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

Partial implementers: Cursor Oy

Fields of expertise: Digitaalinen talous
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