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Road to *ship

*Ship Startup Festival is coming, which means also Road to *ship is here! The official launch is March 7th at 15:00, but you can already hop on board by signing up and joining the journey.

Road to *ship is for you who have a business idea, but are not sure where to begin? Or you might have thought to work as entrepreneur, but don’t yet have a clear business idea. Or maybe you have a clear business idea or even a team, but would need guidance and advice from experts and seasoned entrepreneurs.

We have created simple and small steps to provide you with hands-on feedback and ideas, including inspirational  mentoring and coaching from entrepreneurs and experts. We’ll guide you forward and perhaps you’ll even be confident enough to take on the stage at the *ship Startup Festival to compete for the top prize!


  • Get to know the Road to *ship –crew
  • Some valuable information about how you could gather study credits!
  • Introduction to *ship Startup Festival by *ship team!

Preliminary Schedule:

Online workshops are planned to begin at 15:00 per given day. Online mentoring and coaching schedules are flexible, adapting to your needs. Please note that the workshops and info sessions will be in English, but coaching and mentoring may be in English or Finnish – depending on your own preference.

Phase one: week 10–11, 6.–17.3.2023

In this phase, we’ll give you some valuable tools, how to find and grow your idea as potential future business. You can utilize a variety of techniques, such as brainstorming sessions and Design Thinking methods, to help spark your creativity and come up with multiple innovative business ideas. By the end of this phase, you’ll have a list of promising business ideas to consider as you move forward in the process.

Phase two: week 12–13, 20.–31.3.2023

In this phase, we’ll help you to evaluate the idea and build it for the next stage. By the end of this phase, you’ll have a clear understanding on how to build your idea commercially.  For example, we’ll look at profiling customer segments, and getting feedback from potential customers.

Phase three: week 14–16, 27.3.–21.4.2023

In this phase, you’ll get hands-on business help from our mentors. Financing, legal framework, special requests… You will be provided with solid information on business-building basics and working on a pitch deck. Experts will help you ponder the financial needs of your budding business.

Phase four: week 17, 24.–28.4.2023

In this phase, we’ll go deeper into clarifying your business concept. You’ll wrap everything you’re worked on into a clear business case and pitch deck that helps you communicate your business idea to others and and get feedback of your work.

Additional information

If you have any questions, you can reach us by email: Erna Gronow (email) and Jani Kiviranta (email) Remember to sign up,  REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND