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Road to *ship

*Ship Startup Festival is coming, which means also Road to *ship is here! The official launch at 12.3.2024, but you can already hop on board by signing up and joining the journey.

Road to *ship is for you who have a business idea, but are not sure where to begin? Or you might have thought to work as entrepreneur, but don’t yet have a clear business idea. Or maybe you have a clear business idea or even a team, but would need guidance and advice from experts and seasoned entrepreneurs.

We have created simple and small steps to provide you with hands-on feedback and ideas, including inspirational mentoring and coaching from entrepreneurs and experts. We’ll guide you forward and perhaps you’ll even be confident enough to take on the stage at the *ship Startup Festival to compete for the top prize!


  • Get to know the Road to *ship –crew
  • Some valuable information about how you could gather study credits!
  • Introduction to *ship Startup Festival by *ship team!


Preliminary Schedule:

Please note that the program will be in English, but coaching and mentoring may be in English or Finnish – depending on your own preference.

The program starts on the 12.3.2024 and runs for 6 weeks with one weekly coaching session on every Tuesday at 16:00 leading up the Ship Startup Festival.

During the program, you will learn basics of pitch presenting and get a chance to practice your skills.

The program is open for early-stage founders who either have started working on their fresh idea, or only have the idea written on a napkin. All you need is the motivation to learn about pitching and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Completing the program gives you everything you need to be confident about pitching in the *ship Startup Festival Pitch Captain competition for your chance to win fame, glory —and a cash prize!

Program is run by Tuukka Ylälahti, a serial start-up entrepreneur with a decade of experience in pitching, pitch coaching, and judging in pitching competitions.


Mikäli sinulle tulee mitään kysyttävää Road to *shipistä, nakkaa meille sähköpostia: Erna Gronow (email) ja Jani Kiviranta (email) Muista ilmoittautua,  ILMOITTAUDU MUKAAN