As a library customer, you are obliged to follow the library rules: loan periods and library charges. The library card is for your use only. You are responsible for the loans borrowed with the card. If your library card goes missing, please inform the library immediately. The privacy statement governs the management of library customer information.

Library card

  • Please complete the customer information form to begin with, and after a couple of days you can pick up your card from the Xamk library of your choice. By signing the customer information form, you agree to follow the rules of the Xamk library.
  • Please bring a photo ID when picking up the card. If you wish, you can also bring a library card of some other library to be attached to your customer information, if legally and technically possible.
  • The library card is personal and as its owner you are responsible for all material borrowed with it. Please inform the library if your card goes missing to prevent fraudulent use.

Borrowing, renewing and reservations

You can make requests and reservations for books from all our libraries to be sent to another library location. The time of delivery is about 2-4 working days. You can borrow books at a self-service point or at the customer service, if you need assistance. You can make renewals and reservations in Kaakkuri-Finna or at the customer service, if needed.

Through the interlibrary loan service, you have access to the collections of all libraries in Finland.

Loan periods

  • The loan period of materials is 14 days for students and outside customers and 28 days for staff.
  • Consecutive renewals are limited to 20 times.
  • Renewing is not possible if there is a reservation for the item and if your fines or fees add up to 5 € or more.
  • In case you cannot renew your upcoming due loans because of e.g. a network failure or system malfunction, please contact the library before the due date of your loans.


  • Please return your loans at the self-service point.
  • You can return your loans to any Xamk library regardless of which library you have borrowed them from.
  • When the library is closed, please return your loans through the returns hatch on the library door or to the returns box by the library entrance. The loans will be removed from your customer information the next opening day of the library.

Library charges

Overdue fine

0,30 €/item/device/day (VAT 0%)

Maximum fee 10 €/item/device (VAT 0%)




Postage fee of 1 €/item is charged from outside customers (VAT 0%)

Renewal of library card

Renewal of lost or damaged library card 5 € (VAT 0%)


Interlibrary loan charges (VAT 0%)

For Xamk students, staff and research & development free of charge

For outside customers 10 €

For libraries in Finland free of charge

For Xamk students, staff and research & development from other countries 50 €/loan

For libraries in other countries 50 €/loan

Task of a library expert and teaching of information skills

Fee of 68,20 €/h is charged from outside customers (VAT 24%)

Email reminders

You will receive a reminder email of the approaching due dates of your loans. Two reminders are sent indicating that loans are overdue. Please note that emails may sometimes be falsely identified as junk and end up in the junk folder. The reminder emails do not transfer responsibility from customers to the library for the prompt return or renewal of loans, and overdue fines are not forgiven because of email issues.

Customers are sent a bill for unreturned loans. If the bill is not paid, it will be turned over to a debt collection agency for collection.

Payment of fines and fees

You can pay your fines or other fees by card or cash at the library customer service.

You can also make the payment directly to the bank:

Kaakkois-Suomen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
Osuuspankki (OKO)
FI09 5506 0020 1177 09

In the space intended for a message, please write:
123+customer name
(This text is mandatory; otherwise we cannot remove the fees from your customer information!)

If you send a receipt of the payment via e-mail to your campus library, we can delete the payments straight away, otherwise payments will be deleted in a week or two.

Teaching of information skills


In the beginning of their studies, students are introduced to the library services and collection. Training in information retrieval is integrated into different courses. Personal guidance in information retrieval is also available for students.


Training in education services, e.g. the use of e-materials, is available for Xamk staff. Customized training is also available on request.

Guidance and training are provided both locally and online.

Interlibrary loans

Interlibrary loan service for customers

Do you need a book or article not included in the collections of the Xamk libraries or other local libraries? We can order the material from elsewhere after you make an interlibrary request with an online form. You have to fill in a separate form for each book/article. The lending library will set the due date and determine whether you can take the book home or only read it within the library premises. Interlibrary loans do not show in Kaakkuri, and they are renewed for you automatically. We will inform you when renewal is no longer possible.


The Xamk Library supplies interlibrary loans to its customers from other national and foreign libraries in accordance with valid interlibrary loan guidelines and regulations. A fee is charged for the interlibrary loan service according to the library service charges.

Xinfo – Add a service request – Interlibrary loan request

Library forms

You will find the library forms at the Xinfo. Please, choose add a service request -link.

  • Leave a message for the Library
  • Enter or update your library customer information
  • Make an acquisition proposal
  • Make an interlibrary loan request===

Self-service hours

The library is equipped with a system that enables customers to use the library independently outside opening hours. During the self-service hours the library customer service desk is closed. The premises are monitored with technology.
During the self-service hours of the library you can:

  • borrow material
  • return material
  • pick up reservations
  • use the computers
  • read magazines and newspapers, and
  • work




Place the library card on the reader by the library entrance barcode upwards and enter your four-digit PIN code. A green light will blink and the library door will open. If the light is red, wait for a while and try again. Please note that you must open the door with your own library card and PIN code.


If you don’t have a PIN code, you can set it in Kaakkuri-Finna.

> Login

> My account

> Change password / PIN code – enter a four-digit PIN code of your choice, e.g. 0123, into the two lowest fields

> Choose Save

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