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Here you can find information about spring/summer 2020 activities around entrepreneurship for students in Kotka and Kouvola campusses.

Thinking about your own business idea? Do you want to be around like-minded people? Do you want to know what’s happening in Kymenlaakso startup scene? Xamk students can develop their own skills and business ideas during their studies.

In Xamk, various projects arrange events and smaller happenings around entrepreneurship. You can find more information about startup-related projects in Xamk at the bottom of the page.​


Activities for you

Patteri Entrepreneurship Society
PatteriES, Patteri Entrepreneurship Society ​
PatteriES is a student-led entrepreneurship society in Xamk. Patteri connects students to regional working life, arranges various events and networking opportunities. Patteri works closely with entrepreneurial projects in Xamk as well as regional organizations.


Laura Häkkinen, laura[at]shipfestival.org

*ship is a startup accelerator event that aims to provide a vibrant platform for pre- and early stage startups to develop their businesses. Annually held in Kotka, *ship Startup Festival is the biggest startup event in South-East Finland. We are hosting 50 potential startups, 30 leading mentors and up to 400 entrepreneurial visitors. The event is held on 13.-14.8. in Maritime Centre Vellamo.


Laura Häkkinen, laura[at]shipfestival.org


In Kotka during sprign 2020, Xlab arranges Road to *ship -path for students interested in entrepreneurship and who wish to develop their own business idea. Road to *ship aims to help students participate in *ship Startup Festival in August. The events and workshops are open to all students, whather or not they are interested in participanting in *ship. Join the workshops here.


Related events can be found here, but not all events are posted on this site. Check out the FIN site to see more by changing the site language in the top right corner.


Programmers and designers! We are accepting applications for summer interns!

We are looking for students to do their...

TWIN CAMPUS – a new way of stimulating modernization and internationalization

Modernization – industrialization – urbanization are we entering...



Kotkan campus offers BOYD-spaces for students


Xlab Kotka –cowork and multifunctional space offers office space for students and staff. Xlab Kotka is available for student on weekdays from 9am to 4pm. More information about Xlab Kotka at www.xlabkotka.fi

Address: Xlab Kotka, Kirkkokatu 20, 48100 Kotka



Kouvola campus and Paja are open for students to use after school hours as well.

Kotka Campus

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Kouvola Campus

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Entrepreneurial studies

(FI mosty, but you'll find contact information here!)

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Startup working on your idea!

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Support from Xamk projects


Project aims at facilitating conditions for creating and relocating new technology-based companies

XAMK Business Factory (Yritysverstas)...

The XAMK University Business Factory creates multidisciplinary student teams to solve company product and service development challenges

Xlab - Yhteys yrityksiin

Xlab Kotka is a multifunctional innovation space for Xamk and RDI-projects

Main objective of RISICO...

Main objective of RISICO – project is to create new business to Kymenlaakso region in collaboration with universities.



Project Manager, Xlab – Yhteys yrityksiin


044 702 8428


Entrepreneurial studies


044 702 8319

I'm interested in entrepreneurship and would like to know more...

Startup 2020

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