Develop Your Own Business as an Internship

Do you have a great business idea or existing business?

In Summer 2022 come boost the product or service development of your own business! Would you like to earn study credits from developing your own business? Come join us this Summer for the RISICO student entrepreneurship summer internship program, available for students in Kymenlaakso (Kotka, Kouvola). Officially you will do an internship for Xamk RISICO, with the product- and service development project being for your own company!

Receive study credits for developing your own company

We can quite flexibly agree on the duration and dates of your internship in May to August 2022. Receive Xamk study credits from developing your comapany as an internship or project studies. Please remember that all intenships need to be agreed with your study advisor. During the entire summer the RISICO team will be available to guide and mentor you.  The RISICO crew includes experienced professionals with business development, sales and marketing backgrounds. Also involved in RISICO activities are existing SMEs in the Kymenlaakso region and a vast network, so you will receive the support and coaching you need!

For questions or more information, please contact:

Project Manager Erna Gronow
040 688 6919


Fill in the online application form for your student business, and join us this Summer for your internship! We will soon contact you.