Shakil Regmi studied Environmental Engineering at Mamk (nowadays Xamk) in Mikkeli and graduated in 2013. He was  chosen as the alumnus of the year 2015. Now he has written his greetings to the readers of Xamkilainen blog.


Shakil Regmi


I had one of the best learning experiences at the university level in Mamk (nowadays Xamk). The flexibility, in the course and the practical as well as research orientation of the studies, made learning highly efficient.


The room for self-exploration in each and every topic covered during the courses was the major highlight of democratic educational practices. These methods prove out to be influential not only for study but also for practical realization.


The study experience  provides and focuses on social interactions in the environmental management world, which are very necessary. Besides, one should really focus on the technical and social aspects related to environmental engineering, research and science to proceed further in this field.




After studying in Mikkeli, I came back to Kathmandu, Nepal (my hometown) where I worked as an environmental engineer, mainly overlooking environmental impact assessment of private and public projects in Nepal as a data analyst and environmental engineering expert.


I had this technical knowledge from Mamk but to fill in the social gap of environmental studies, I studied Masters of Environmental Education at Kathmandu University, Nepal. Later by combining both these aspects, I completed my PhD in Environmental Science and Didactics from Martin-Luther-University Halle-Saale, Germany.


Since then, I am involved in various research projects at the university level and environmental development projects at city level programmes in Nepal. Along with it, I am engaged in agriculture technology project as an environmental data analyst expert for digital farm-management tools.


Moreover, I have been a visiting lecturer at Mamk, too, for courses of Environmental Engineering. I landed these jobs based on personal connections which came after exploring synergies with likeminded people and parties.



I believe one should never stop exploring and challenging in the field of science.


Therefore, I am exploring new concepts with new research and studies with a varied interdisciplinary team from my workplaces. Since I am involved in agriculture technology too which is exciting and a dire need along with environmental management, I will be continuing working on these issues as a researcher, data analyst and social advocate. I am also planning my postdoc studies within the interconnection of these issues.


Finally, I would also like to convey the same to the present students to not to stop study and research in the field of environmental science. There is a vast potential in the knowledge of the environment to help protect and develop it. However, the aspect of social integration is equally important to communicate these ideas in the public mass. Therefore, keep on working with and for the environment, eventually creating a better society in your social sphere.



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