Minju Kim is one of Xamk’s exchange students for fall semester 2022. Her major is Tourism and Hospitality Management. Minju is a fan of cooking and has created her own Instagram account for her hobby. 

Inspiration to start a food account

Before I came to Finland, I was not a cooking-person. I used to use food delivery apps or eat out. I started to cook for saving my money. I didn’t get any scholarships because I am not an Erasmus student.  Also, expenses of eating out in Finland are more expensive than in South Korea.

I really like to take photos and record my daily life to post on my blog or write a diary. At first, I just posted my pictures of food on my blog or Instagram story.

Person with flowers

One day, one of my friends saw my photos and said that “It looks so delicious. You should make an account for your cooking. Show off your talent!”


What kind of food do you like to make?

I like Italian food and Korean food. But as it is too difficult to find the ingredients for Korean or Asian food in Mikkeli, I usually make Italian more often.


Where do you find inspiration for your dishes?

I like grocery shopping especially in Lidl. I check the leaflet every week. After buying ingredients, I try to find perfect dishes making the most of what I bought and what I have already. Usually find from YouTube.


How does Finnish food differ from your habits?Pasta and vegetables

I think it comes from the difference between Asia and Europe, the most different thing is that I prefer rice than breads. Compared to South Korea, Finnish food is closer to nature. Plenty of berries is wonderful.

I am mushroom person, so lack of various mushrooms makes me sad. I found only two types of Finnish mushrooms. I usually eat 5 more various mushrooms in my home country.


What is your favorite food from Finnish culture?

I have never tried Finnish traditional dishes yet, but I want to have some reindeer meat and salmon soup. I will try when I go Lapland in December. As I am crazy about cheese, I am happy that the price of cheese is cheaper than Korea. Although it is not the food actually, I really like Karl Fazer chocolates even though I am not a big fan of sweets.


Minju Kim

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Instagram: @gaze_mine