Kseniia Volodina, Environmental Engineering at Xamk, Mikkeli campus. 



5 Reasons why you should choose Xamk as a place to study


  1. The student chooses his own subjects to study.
  2. In English-language programs, teachers are fluent in English without an accent.
  3. Teachers do everything to make it comfortable for us to study. We were invited to a picnic to get to know each other, went on an excursion etc.  Teachers do not force us to speak in front of a group if you are afraid or feel unconfortable.
  4. The technical equipment of the university is at a high level. There is everything for learning.
  5. The atmosphere of the city of Mikkeli in Finland gives motivation to study. There are a lot of students here –  they all have the same goals, so students motivate each other.




5 Reasons why someone should choose to study Environmental engineering


  1. Ecology is becoming generally popular around the world
  2. In my program, we spent a lot of time in the laboratory, where we study practical skills of our specialty.
  3. A lot of time was devoted to taking samples of water, soil, and field measurements. This is also part of our future specialty.
  4. Subjects in the specialty. We study only what is useful in our future profession. All subjects are useful and there are not many of them, so there is an opportunity to study each topic in depth.
  5. The ability to write reports on your topic Thus, I took more complex topics that I did not understand and studied them during the course. As a result, I perfectly understood the topic with the help of a teacher.



5 things you’ve learned during your studies


  1. Everyone makes mistakes, this is normal and no one will laugh at you because of a mistake.
  2. You can always ask for help, both teachers and classmates will help you.
  3. I learned how to work in a chemical and physical laboratory, which previously seemed to me something super complicated and unreal.
  4. I learned to go to parties on Wednesday night and on Thursday morning to easily wake up to study and be productive.
  5. I learned to walk. Yes, it’s funny, but I’m from a metropolis where I’ve always used transport. In Finland, I realized how wonderful it is to walk in the morning on the way to University


– Kseniia