Hi! My name is Ksenia, I am 19 years old, and I come from St. Petersburg, Russia. I am already in the second year of study in the Environmental Engineering program in Xamk, Mikkeli.


Ksenia at the Mikkeli campus.

FALL FOR ecology, FALL FOR mikkeli…

St. Petersburg is very close to Finland and as a kid I often visited Finland with my parents for the weekend. I fell in love with this quiet and beautiful country. My grandmother suggested that I would come here to study right after school in Russia. She was the main initiator, for which I am immensely grateful to her.


The choice to choose this program was not random. I started to get interested in ecology from the age of 16, while working as a camp counselor. We held small lectures for children and I told them why it is important to take care of the nature. I started participating in various events, and later on, I received additional training and I became a speaker in the field of ecology. Therefore, I immediately chose a training program dedicated to ecology.



how was the application process?

In fact, admission to Xamk was difficult for me, as I was simultaneously preparing for two different exams: admission to Russian universities and to Finland. The entrance exam to Finland was held earlier than in Russia. I was waiting for the results for more than a month, but when I found out that I had been admitted, I immediately confirmed my application, without even waiting for answers from other universities. The exam itself was not as difficult as I imagined. The first year of studies were online and I stayed in St. Petersburg. Most of all, during the 1st year, I liked the opportunity to choose the subjects myself.


I was very surprised by the fact that I am the youngest in my group. Many people receive a second education while having a job and a family. It was unusual to me. I was also afraid of my English level. I was scared that I would make mistakes and not to be understood, but my classmates on the contrary asked me not to be shy and talk more about myself, so I overcame my fears thanks to new acquaintances.



When I finally saw my university in real life, I was pleasantly shocked by how modern it looked. And in the first lesson in the laboratory, I walked around with huge eyes, looking at all the tools and equipment for laboratory work.


I really hope that this year I will be able to find an internship in a company in my field. I hope I will be able to continue the development of my career there and stay in Finland, because after a month of living in Mikkeli, I have already fallen in love with this small but such a cozy city.