Hi, my name is Trinh Tran. I am from Sai Gon (Vietnam). Currently, I’m enjoying my second year of International Business studies at Xamk.

How did you end up in studying in Finland?
I would like to say thanks to my physics teacher on senior year at high school once again. She once told us about her son’s studies in Finland with good feedbacks and positive attitude toward education here. I was a little bit lost that time to find the following walk to move on. Then I thought, Finland, why not? More important than high-quality education system, Finland deserves an adventure for several reasons. My motherland is a tropical area, which is opposite to Finland in terms of weather. Nothing would be as awesome as to celebrate Christmas in Santa-land. Moreover, while my friends are headed to English speaking countries for studying abroad and learning culture, why shouldn’t I try in a country in which English is the third language to connect foreigners? I knew it would be more challenging to get to people, but I did believe, nothing is impossible.

Have you enjoyed your studies?
Am I supposed to say yes? Just kidding! Xamk has made my first year in Finland definitely wonderful. I have met lots of people, some of which are so inspiring, discovered my true strengths and weaknesses, my passion and received avalanche of helps.

Was it hard to get in to study at Xamk?
Personally, I think it depends on how willing you are to get a seat at Xamk. The idea of making it to Xamk drove me crazy to do my best (maybe the best of my best) to pass the entrance exam. I believe the willingness, motivation, also encouragement helps a lot to get to study at Xamk.

What is the best thing at Xamk?
Enthusiasm from people. It comes from lecturers, students even they have not known me previously, staff. They are always set to help, enthusiastic to jump into something new and recover the mistakes, which I appreciate a lot. It absolutely exceeded my expectation and has been encouraging me to overcome every obstacle.

What is the best thing in Finland?
People and summer. Finnish are much kinder than I had ever expected. They create the feelings of cozy, warm and safe, which makes me so happy to be back in Finland after every excursion. And I am so in love with summer in Finland.

You study in a degree program which is taught in English. Do you have to speak English perfectly?
Our English does not promise to be perfectly perfect but to show improvement through time. Lecturers, fellow students, communications, materials provided would be significantly helpful. The most essential thing is willingness to do it.

There are students around the world in your class. Is it challenging to study in an international environment?
No, I guess. Partially, it is thanked to our lecturers. They boost us to mix and mingle and group as an international combination. Through teamwork, I have learnt more about multicultures and how to adopt and adapt to them.


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