Virtual graduation ceremony of Xamk was held in 28th of May. Anna Ryndina graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Kouvola campus and gave a speech in the ceremony.
Anna’s speech
“About the same time in 2018 I received an email announcing that I was accepted on the Bachelor’s International Business programme at Xamk University. That is how my delightful journey as a student in Finland has started. Today, 3 years after that day, I am having my graduation ceremony.
The first year of studies was about new experiences, international connections, and active lifestyle of a student. For example, I joined Insider Student Magazine, participated in entrepreneurial competition Start-up Passion and collaborated with Russian students in cross-border project – InnoCamp. In addition, I would like to specially thank my teachers, who helped my classmates and me to do our “first steps” in Finland: Hugh Clack, Slaveya Hämäläinen, Sara Czabai-Leppanen, Mikhail Nemilentsev and Jagat Kunwar.
My second year was a self-realization period, when I learned about working life in Finland and started completing more complicated assignments as well as got to know exchange students from all around the world. I joined Patteri Student Entrepreneurship Society of Xamk and became a campus ambassador in Kouvola.
The last year was a maturity period, where all of my peers faced serious challenges in various aspects of our lives. We were introduced to remote learning and even working e.g. I worked as a Communications Specialist at Startup Connect project at Xamk. The ending of this year was announced when I submitted my last Thesis Draft a couple of days ago.

Wow, I believe all of my classmates can agree that it has been a big journey! I can’t even count how many talented and fun people I’ve met during that time, how many different places I’ve visited and how many projects I’ve participated in! One thing that I’m sure about is that I’m very grateful for this chance to study in Finland and all these memories will always be very valuable for me. IB18 rules!”

Best regards,
Anna Ryndina