I had read about Finnish educational system consistently ranking as one of the best in the world, and Xamk was known to be at the top of Universities of Applied Sciences in the country.

My name is Bogdan Moroz, I am 20 years old and I come from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I started studying at Xamk in the autumn of 2014. Right now I am in my fourth and final year of studies. I wanted to study abroad, and Finland seemed like a really good choice. Xamk was also one of the few places that accepted students who haven’t completed their final year of high school at the time of application. Moreover, Xamk provided entrance examinations in my home town in Russia.

Why Information Technology?

I have been interested in computers since I was little and decided to pursue a career in engineering by the end of high school. The Information technology programme at Xamk attracted my attention by its emphasis on hands-on experience with hardware and building computer networks. That made it stand apart from many programmes I was also considering that mostly offered software development courses.

I would definitely recommend the Information technology programme at Xamk. It gives you a strong background to become a better engineer, be it in networks, software, digital electronics or whatever else it is you love doing.


During my studies at Xamk I am learning things I can easily see myself using in my future professional life. Most of the courses combine theory with lots of labs and practical assignments, and you learn to put your knowledge to use. The lecturers are experienced and supportive, and my personal study plan has been quite flexible.

Optional studies and extracurricular activities

Xamk offers many opportunities to broaden your skillset. Between a vast array of optional courses and sports activities, there can be little time to spare. Personally, I have taken several courses on media production, making a short film and shooting games of the local hockey team for live streams for almost a year.

I have also spent a year on Erasmus exchange at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. It was an opportunity to try an educational system of another European country, improve my software development skills and meet even more international students.

Town of Mikkeli

Although Mikkeli is a rather small town, I am very fond of it. It is perfect for studying, as you can always find peace and quiet when you need it, but there are also many student events, parties and trips. The nature here is beautiful, with plenty of lakes and forests to hike, cycle and barbecue. You can rent a bike at the campus library and explore the area.


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