My name is Tomi-Aleksi Härkönen. I´m a 23-year old first year International Business student from Kouvola. I´d decided to choose this degree programme, because I have always dreamed about being Mr. Worldwide. Studying International business at Xamk, Kouvola gives me chance to it. I first heard about Xamk when my friend told that it´s an international university with a great atmosphere.

Entrance exam required some pre-reading through material, which the university had sent via email. It was a text about an International Finnish company, which we had to read and take notes from it to later use. Everyone was nervous during the entrance exam day about how the exams would go. It started with a math exam, which had simple calculations, then a written exam about pre-reading material and last ones were an individual and a group interview which were both super relaxed.

Studying at a university; sometimes you love it, sometimes you don´t. Luckily there is quite lot of group work, which helps the class to integrate. There are holidays between longer periods to help have little breaks and student unions arranges student parties and other events to make everyone feel good. Why I would recommend this BBA, International business -studies? One of most important things is the international atmosphere. It comes from students as well as the teachers coming all around world.

Events and different projects provided by school make the studies more interesting and gives you to make your study time unique. If you want the opportunity to go abroad, the university has great connections to partner universities around world, which can really make you Mr. Worldwide.

From a career point of view after you have finished your studies there is no one stopping you. International Business -studies gives to chance work around the world, starting from large widely known companies to small companies and startups, even giving tools to start your own business, if you want.

My future will be forming during studies, I am hoping to work at international company around social media. Later, after gathering some funding, I want to start my own business by having own bar or nightclub. It might take lot of time but someday it will happen.


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