Long Nguen hails originally from Vietnam and now he studies at Kouvola Campus. Long loves the teaching method: a blend of theoretical and practical aspects. At Xamk you gain academic knowledge from lecturers, along with real-life business experiences.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I am Long with a typical Vietnamese last name, Nguyen. Some people call me Leo or Lohikäärme.

Why is Xamk so special that you decided to study over here?

Honestly, I decided to apply to Xamk thanks to its attractive website as I relish creative and eye-catching elements. Moreover, Finland is an excellent destination for studying.

So, what has been the best part in your studies so far?

I have been making lots of international and local friends as well as professional connections through projects that I was involved in.

What about teaching and practical orientation? What about different projects?

I love the teaching method: a blend of theoretical and practical aspects. We gain academic knowledge from our lecturers, along with their real-life business experiences. Additionally, there are many projects at Xamk that we get to apply and experiment with those insights. I have been involved in several fascinating projects such as TEDxXamk and *ship Startup Festival 2019 and 2020.

You were part of a startup festival team – how was it? What was the best part? What was challenging?

Pic: Ship Startup Festival

I enjoyed working at *ship as a social media intern in 2019 and as a live stream producer in 2020. There were two reasons I applied for this project for two years in a row. Initially, I wanted to gain working experiences in social media marketing in an entrepreneurial working environment. Additionally, I aspired to contribute through my work to promote the entrepreneurship movement in Finland and in the Kymenlaakso region. The biggest challenge at *ship is self-involvement. Each team member must be proactive in their tasks.

What motivates you in your studies? Can you give any good tips?

I embrace setting goals for my studies. Marketing has always been my passion. Therefore, the most significant aim of applying to Xamk was to make myself familiar with and acquire a good knowledge of this industry. Useful tips that I want to give you are knowing your objectives and working hard for them.

Have you decided your thesis topic? If yes, can you tell us a little bit about it?

I am researching into the use of live video in content and social media marketing for *ship Startup Festival. Since the usage of live video has significantly increased recently, I am curious to study the phenomenon and how to use it effectively in the marketing field. The one advantage at Xamk is that you can walk into the research department, talk to these fantastic and open-minded research people about your thesis topic. And they will support you as much as possible.

What kinds of plans do you have for the near future? What are your career plans?

I will step into working life shortly, and I am equipped with marketing knowledge and experiences gained during the time at Xamk. Hence, I am confident to take on any challenges in the “insane” marketing industry. Shortly, I want to start my own business whose core values are sustainability, social responsibility and innovation.

By the way, do you have any good advice for applying to Xamk?

You are the perfect fit at Xamk if you are open to learning new things, willing to be exposed to different cultures, and proactive in your studies and projects.

Thank you!

Pic on top: Ship Startup Festival