Zuzanna Wolek came from Poland to study Game Design in Xamk. She started her studies in 2018.

Why did you choose Game Design?

I concluded that this option fits my abilities best.

Why did you choose Xamk?

The curriculum seemed interesting. And they were very welcoming. The other school that I considered wanted me to hand in a certificate that I was about to receive and didn’t have it in time.

What it is like to study in an University of Applied Sciences? Has anything surprised you?

The approach is practical and we learn useful things. I guess it was to be expected of Applied Sciences, but it was still a nice change. I was surprised that Game Design studies taught me traditional sculpture so well.

What has been the most interesting thing in your studies?

Learning 3D modeling. It was also the hardest. Everything is pretty much logical and straightforward, but not 3D modeling. 3D modeling is like trying to warp your brain to form three dimensional mathematics on a two dimensional screen.

Learning C# was also very interesting, even though I didn’t understand much.

What you think is the best thing about Game Design programme?

The range. No matter what kind of games you want to make, the course has got you covered.

What kind of projects and practical training have you done during your studies?

Course-related tasks (they correspond to exams in other courses) and for part of my practical training I made a visual novel.

To whom would you recommend your programme and why?

To people who are interested in game development, game art or people like me, who knew nothing about games, but figured why not, and now they’re into games. You have no choice, you’re a gamer now.

Also to people who are able to withstand certain levels of frustration, which is an inherent part of being a game dev.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about Xamk?

Very nice and helpful people. And extremely patient teachers. I have problems with understanding new concepts first time they’re explained, so patient teachers are great.

What is employment situation in your field? Do you expect to find a job on your own field after graduation?

From what I’ve heard it’s not easy sometimes, but I hope I’ll find a place somewhere.

What are your plans for the future? Where would you like to work, are you going to study further? What would be your dream job?

It’s too early to say. Master’s degree is a “maybe” for now. Dream job would be the one where I get to have a healthy sleep schedule.

What has been the most memorable thing that has happened during your studies?

Every time I did something and it worked was very memorable.