cassie-ngyuenStudying at Kouvola Campus has been one of my best times. I love all practical projects, team work, innovation activities, and working at our Insider Student Magazine. These experiences have surprisingly helped me a lot in my real working life. I still sometimes check my old notes for reference. Maybe I’m very lucky because I can relate my Trade and Marketing knowledge learned at our university to my real-life experience working in Sales and Marketing.

Regarding Finland Alumni activities in Vietnam, the Embassy just announced an official alumni group in Vietnam, and I’m the coordinator for this group in the North of Vietnam. So yes, I did attend the meeting in Hanoi and other events organized by the embassy. We are also planning for some jubilee events to celebrate Finland 100 years in 2017.

Other Vietnamese graduates from Xamk, some chose to go for master degrees in UK, Canada, Australia. Some choose to work for global companies based in Vietnam, some want to go back to study, work, and settle down in Finland…I’m now staying in Vietnam to do a tech startup with my fiance. Our company is also funded by Innovation Partnership Program between Vietnam and Finland, and we’re having a Finnish business partner now. I really hope to build a good partnership with Finnish companies so I can go back to Finland more often.

Cassie Nguyen

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