victoria-zhorina-kuva-1I was an international business student from 2013 to 2015. Now when I look back, I think student years were one of the best times in my life – first independence, interesting subjects, new people and international atmosphere. At that period we really learnt how to “work hard, play hard” – party all night but still attend lectures on the next mornings.

In my opinion, teachers played a significant role in my education. They were very friendly, open for communication, always willing to help and support. When you feel that nice approach, you have less stress and as a result – more successful in your studies.

If I was offered to change my decisions back 3 years ago, I would leave everything the same. The international business program consists of different courses from different business spheres – law, logistics, HR, marketing, sales, etc.

For 3,5 years you get a general understanding about many subjects, which is very helpful for the first years of the employment. However, the most favourite courses of mine were Public Relations and Negotiations. These subjects are very close to me, these are what I enjoy doing the most and I believe I am pretty good in that.

Before graduation I was offered a full time position by German trailer manufacturing company Schmitz Cargobull AG in their office in Melbourne, Australia. Networking helped me in that. Couple years ago I was introduced to the CEO of the company, who helped me get two internships in Germany and China, and later on, due to great performance during my trainings, I joined the group as a Sales Support and Marketing in 2015.

Nowadays, I am a Project Leader, mainly working with Australia, Lithuania, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa – international business, exactly what I studied in school. I enjoy my work a lot and cannot be happier with my current employer, I am a very lucky person.

My internships in Schmitz Cargobull Group definitely helped me with my employment. First of all, for 5 months I learnt the structure of the company, understood the industry, had experience in different markets and last but not least – did a networking.

Nowadays, networking plays one of the most important part of the international business. By knowing right people, you can achieve planned task faster and more efficiently. Therefore, I would recommend to the students, who are currently looking for the training, try enter the company or industry, where you would like to work after graduation. Entry level experience and networking, will increase your chances to get the full time position after your graduation. Of course, if you are hard-working and dedicated to the things you do.

Be more active, talkative, friendly – meet new people, try to stay in contact with them, because you never know what will happen tomorrow and how a person will impact on your life.

Victoria Zhorina


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