Hello! I’m Tatiana, or Tania, as my friends call me. I’m 19 years old and I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Last autumn I started studying Environmental Engineering program at Xamk and now it is my second year of studies. 



Tatiana at the Mikkeli campus.

To tell the truth, I started to think about Xamk and especially EE program when I was approximately 10 or 11 years old. Mikkeli, where my campus is located, is the city which I visited at least every summer since I was five, so it was quite familiar city already. Years passed and my wishes and plans changed many times. Finally, I decided to apply Xamk and that was a great decision! The application process was quite easy, even though I asked some help from my friends, who were already studying here.


My documents were accepted fast (thought I will have more problems with it, as I had In Russia) and soon after that I was invited to the entrance examination. That year the Covid-19 pandemic was on its peak, so the date of the exam was undecided. I came to Finland two weeks before the date, but suddenly the date was changed and the test was held online. I stayed in Finland anyway and successful passed the exam. The tasks were very easy, but they still made me doubt about the result. Finally, the results came and I was accepted. It turned out to be very good actually! I got 99 points out of 100.



The idea that the grades are not the key aim of the study and that it is normal to have three from a course was something unbelievable for me. Plus the food is fantastic in campuses! It is like in restaurants but much cheaper.


In my opinion, Xamk is a great place to study. As it is university of applied sciences, the process of studying here is something between university (we have a lot of theoretical lessons, but not that much as in the university) and college (we also practice many pragmatic skills). I think, it is the most optimal kind of education nowadays. The future worker should have a lot of experience in their field – even before their first job. Also, theoretical knowledge makes a jobseeker a very relevant applicant. Especially for me, the equipment of the university was surprising. It’s laboratories and classes are even more equipped that some state science labs in Russia.


What I find the best here in Xamk is the big crowd of nice people. No matter which programs the students are studying, they are cool. I have found many friends. The atmosphere here is fantastic. We are able to have fun at the university. The stage of Dexi restaurant is open for us almost always. Even some clubs have some special offers for students.


The MOAS became a big family, and even though I don’t live there, I’m part of this big team. There is no boarder between nations or ages. To tell the truth, I did not even imagine that student life could be so happy and quite healthy at the same time. There is no need for alcohol to make a party; tens of litters of water, benches in the yard and tea bags are enough.

I am very grateful to Xamk for all the experiences I get during the studies and my everyday life. I love Mikkeli, I love Finland and I love my university.



Sincerely Yours, Tania