“I wanted a place to study where I could develop my knowledge in the field of wellbeing to put it into good use in the future for myself and others.”

My name is Julius Koskinen and I come from Vihti, Nummela. I started my studies in January 2019 at Xamk in the newly founded Wellbeing Management degree programme.

I chose this particular study because of my drive towards working on my physical and mental health for the better. I wanted a place to study where I could develop my knowledge in the field of wellbeing to put it into good use in the future for myself and others. The concept of combining wellbeing and business together was the perfect que for me to apply here because in my own future I would like to run a business related to wellbeing.

The most important reason to study Wellbeing Management was, and is, a unique study that no other school could (at the time) provide for my own interests and goals. The second reason were my friends. Many of my old friends applied here to study and said many great things about Xamk and Mikkeli.

pre-task and a video interview

The exam for the studies were also quite unique. There were no entrance exams in a form of a test, but you had to make a video about given questions (related to motivation and future goals) and a motivational letter for the school.

I found it easy and natural to talk about the given questions in the video and to write the motivational letter. This exam is perfect for extroverts and for the people who hate to sit in an actual exam!

The quality of the teaching is grade a!

Studying is really fun, independent and exciting! The quality of the teaching is grade A and the work you have to put into the actual studies are not as high as you would think. Of course one has to do work to succeed in the studies but it isn’t reading and doing school work 12 hours a day.

There is a certain balance, a good type of balance, between school life and free time. The activities the school provides can really put your mind at ease (gym, football, floorball, basketball, all sorts of sports). The one thing that surprised me the most were the people. They are really outgoing, happy, friendly and helpful. You don’t get this type of good treatment in every city you go to.

Chance to test myself

For me the most interest it has been studying the basics of human anatomy, the benefits of being active, turning wellbeing into business/services via technology and by other means. But the most excited I have been was the time when the whole class got the chance to test themselves. The tests included overall strength, cardiovascular health, heart rate and body composition.

I recommend this study to anyone who is interested in health/overall wellbeing (for example a personal trainer, bodybuilder…), business (making money), international activities, motivated to make a name of themselves, a future job in wellbeing services/businesses and improving their English writing/speaking skills. All these aspects come into play when studying wellbeing management.

There are guaranteed jobs in the future and the wellbeing industry is growing fast.


The teachers who teach the students are beyond competent and you are a pioneer in this study. There is nothing but potential here for the ones who really want to succeed in their future lives in this industry.

My future plans

In the future I would like to become an entrepreneur in the field of wellbeing. At the moment I’m planning on applying for a masters degree after the studies but we’ll see what the future brings. My dream profession lays somewhere between being a successful entrepreneur and working as a high tier personal trainer abroad.

Julius Koskinen, Wellbeing Management BBA


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  1. Hello Can I get more informations about studdy , when exactly I can apply again join to studdy.