Name, homeplace, when did you start your studies? 

Ale Neppius, Vantaa, started in 2018 autumn. 


Why did you choose Game Design? 

I’m actually more interested in animation and cinema industry, but game desing was close enough option haha. In the end you will learn all the same things, but consentrating more on the gaming experience. Even though I’m not much of a gamer I found it interesting too. Might as well explore the industry and it’s possibilities. 


Why did you choose Xamk? 

What mainly sold my interest for this spesific school was the teaching language, which is English (the  industry language), and how international this study field itself is. I think it familiarises better to the working habits.  

I’ve also met so many different people and learned so much about different cultures, even though I grew up in Helsinki queer bubble, which was a surprising plus. 


What it is like to study in an University of Applied Sciences? Has anything surprised you? 

I’m free to express myself and find what interests me the most. Some parts are harder, and some are easier, but either way I get to learn such a variety of things. I like the more hands on dirt approach since I’m more of a work guy than reading one. 


What has been the most interesting thing in your studies? 

The most interesting thing about my studies has been to learn new programs. Especially 3ds Max. There’s something cool and rewarding to be able to create own 3D creatures and objects. Also when I get to make semi working game it makes me so happy and proud even though I don’t know much about coding. 


What you think is the best thing about Game Design programme? 

How wide we cover the Game Design field. We have so many different courses to learn and as I didn’t know at all what I wanted to specialize in it was freeing to just try everything and find new possibilities and interests 


What kind of projects and practical training have you done during your studies? 

Mainly just some level of building or prototyping a game. It can be either designing a world or a story or making style guide or trying to build a complete minigame. Currently I’m doing a summer project about designing an art style for a game idea and practicing animating. 


To whom would you recommend your programme and why? 

To creative people with curiosity to try wide variety of options and open mind. Also interest in games and storytelling, or anything else in the industry. 


In your opinion, what is the best thing about Xamk? 

All the different people and their own interests and backgrounds. I got to learn so much about different cultures and languages which I will cherish for life. I love how chill and supportive everyone are. We have nice little GD family in the Meduusa Studio.


What is employment situation in your field? Do you expect to find a job on your own field after graduation? 

Depends on the jobs. But it’s generally rough to find job in artistic fields, but still I feel comfortable to find job for myself 


What are your plans for the future? Where would you like to work, are you going to study further? What would be your dream job? 

I probably will apply to game company in Sweden who made my favorite childhood game which they continued as a MMORPG game or try to study further animation. I would love to work on a movie industry someday too. 


What has been the most memorable thing that has happened during your studies? 

All the times we watched movies in the studio’s cinema room and the board game club nights 

Also I remember the times I went to Pocket Gamer Connect or some other gaming conference event or socializing events with Spanish exchange students and showed them Helsinki on the meanwhile and partied at a socializing event unashamingly talking to the people in the industry.