nicholas-leppanenMy name is Nicholas Leppanen and I am a 2nd year Game Design student. I am originally from the other cold country, Canada, but I made a few stops along the way to Finland. When I lived in Canada I had really wanted to study abroad and started making the necessary steps to do so. But before I managed to escape, my family moved to Tanzania for work. After living there for a couple years I ended up getting accepted to take the entrance exam at Sibelius Academy. Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut and then spent a year in Finland working and traveling until I found this school and its nearly brand new course in Game Design.

I was excited for the opportunity and promptly applied with the brilliant plan of testing the entrance exam this first time and then actually trying really hard next year. You can understand my surprise when I was accepted.

The school has been really fun. I love the smaller classes. They’ve helped me branch out and meet so many new people. We really feel like a large eclectic family in the Game Design degree. And it goes without saying the fact that we have our own game design studio is awesome.

Finland is in many ways like Canada. The countryside, the cold, and the people are quieter and more considerate. And while some people fall into the stereotype of the quiet Finnish person, I have met so many outgoing and fun people here that I certainly wouldn’t say that it’s always true. Especially at the parties and in the sauna. The thing I love most about Finland though, and Kouvola especially, is the calm atmosphere. It really is a nice place to study and live.


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