My name is Anh Nguyen. You can know me as Anni. Usually it helps Finnish people get my name right and they remember it. I am originally from Vietnam. I am a sophomore studying Environmental Engineering (EE) at Xamk – Mikkeli campus. Let’s talk more about me.

Why EE? Environment is crucial and environmental issues are common nowadays. Therefore, if I am an environmentalist, I can help protecting the Earth.

Why in Finland? I chose Finland for its good achievements in environmental protection, northern lights, green ecology and top 10 educational system globally. Moreover, Finnish education is affordable.

Where in Finland? Being introduced to Xamk is a coincidence. Not only do I like the study program here but also the outdoor activities, mental and physical support in terms of well-being and healthy lifestyle for students. We got 6 options and I immediately choose XAMK as the 1st choice of my desirable Finnish university lists.

Study application and the process is surprisingly fast to me. In April, we took the entrance exam which is in my opinion, well-structured and required the fundamental understandings regarding the environment for English test and engineering skills for calculation part. In June, we got the results, supplied all the requested materials and waited for residence permit application. If you are at this step, nothing can bother you from enjoying new independent student life. Finally, with international support and better educational system, in reality, I got accepted by Mamk (which is Xamk now). Then, 07.07.2016 was the first day I moved to Finland.

My first year in Finland was full of curiosity and discovery.


My first year in Finland was full of curiosity and discovery. I always wondered the cultural differences and my adaptability to new places. It took me several months to have changed. I settled down my new life without any homesickness. I learned Finnish and joined local friend family program from school and my new family is the happiest thing I got. They helped me to get closer to Finnish lifestyle: sauna, winter sports and moomins. I introduced them to Vietnamese food, culture and 54 ethnic groups. Weekends are never boring to spend time with them.

Later, I started to be more active in school programs. I became an international tutor. Same situation here! Exchange and double degree students are curious about Finnish culture, especially sauna. We organize interesting events and parties for them. Let them be in the circle, not even one is left out of the group and always get the latest updates from Xamk.

I believe Xamk is a small community where you see yourself develop.


Sometimes, Xamk provides educational seminars for students who are keen on a business settlement, Finnish working environment and technology which develop necessary tools for my future career. Moreover, you will have one mentor for 4-year study in Xamk who guide you study plans and professional growth. Sometimes, he gives you useful advice if needed. So if anything comes up, let your mentor know!

I believe Xamk is a small community where you see yourself develop. Especially UAS – University of Applied Sciences provides us with access to new sources of knowledge, scientific working ways and improve our practical skills for future career and life. I was trained to open my network since it was easier for me looking for hidden jobs and get myself closer to the Finnish working culture and employment.

Apparently, after graduation, I may study higher for PhD or still look for a job in Finland. However, it is just my 2nd year, get the most memorable experience during university life and then seriously thinking of future goals when I am ready. In brief, I am pretty sure that you have a lot of stuffs to do with Xamk and number of things to do in Mikkeli. Welcome future environmentalists!

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