“You can really work anywhere that falls under the umbrella of wellbeing businesses, wellbeing technology and software, data analytics, private entrepreneurship – the list goes on.”

I’m Nina Kallio, 25, originally from Kirkkonummi but I moved to Mikkeli to pursue Wellbeing Management studies at Xamk and I’ve been at it since January this year.

Why I chose these studies?

Well, originally just the title of the study program caught my interest from the list of fairly dull degree program names. Then inspecting the description further, I realized what was being offered was something really unique and multifaceted with a broad range of focus and a ton of potential future options open.

I have some previous history and interest in wellbeing technology. As a huge nerd I’m of course up for studying ICT, and the business angle is just generally beneficial knowledge when it comes to living and working in our increasingly corporate-run world.

It was just really cool to see a program offering all this technology and faculties for an all new kind of degree program.

Why Xamk?

I mean, first of all Wellbeing Management is an entirely unique new program not available anywhere else. But even disregarding that I was really positively surprised to find out Xamk has such ample resources to offer its students.

I have previously studied at colleges struggling with finances leading to cutting short on contact lesson hours and student wellbeing resources, and I’m relieved that’s not the case at Xamk. I feel well cared for so I can focus on my studies.

Who Wellbeing Management is suited for?

Because the study program doesn’t adhere to just one degree label you kinda have to be an adventurous spirit to plunge into it.

When you start these studies, because your range of topics is so broad, you can’t immediately say “This is what I’m going to be when I grow up” and it’s going to be hard to answer questions like “Well what is it you actually study?”, because there are so many directions you could take it depending on your aspirations.

You can really work anywhere that falls under the umbrella of wellbeing businesses, wellbeing technology and software, data analytics, private entrepreneurship, the list goes on.

Future plans

My ideal personally is to focus on the technology and ICT aspects of the studies and hopefully in the future work on developing and marketing data driven software, perhaps even internationally because these are the kind of skills that are highly lucrative abroad. But even though I have these ambitions the sheer range of all the topics I’ll be studying in the coming years might pull me on an all new path and as an adaptive person always seeking new experiences it’s really exciting.

I could see myself pursuing even further education in computer technology and data analytics if that’s the path I end up taking, but any path I take I want to see myself on the top of something new and interesting, a new kind of professional.

Nina Kallio, Wellbeing Management BBA

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