Outi Ilves and Merja Reunanen, the pricipal lecturers of Rehabilitation programme tell you a bit more about the studies, what is special about the programme and why you should apply!

What is special about our new Rehabilitation master’s degree programme?

The program offers opportunity for international networking and polish your English communication. Studies are conducted online, which gives you flexibility.

Why should a healthcare professional or a social services professional consider applying to this new master’s programme in Rehabilitation?

Master School provides you with the opportunity to build the career path of your choice, in line with your own objectives.

This degree programme provides you with the new competencies and skills required in expert positions, including the sectors of development, management, and leadership in the field of health care and social services.

What new skills the students will learn during their studies?

In multidisciplinary study group you will learn about assessment of human functioning, management of promoting physical activity, wellbeing technologies, research, development, and innovation skills.

Can the studies be accessed anywhere in the world?

Studies can be accessed globally, study language is English. The online lessons take place on predetermined days. The number of online lesson days is 2-3 per month for the first year and 1-2 for the second year.

What kind of lessions and assignments the studies will consist of?

The degree programme studies are fully implemented by means of an eLearning platform and online courses, including webinars, group meetings, project work, independent tasks, and peer discussions.

How will the students communicate with each other?

Students will work as teams using different e-learning platforms. Studies includes written communication, online discussions, and presentations.