Why to choose Xamk?

I am Anika Harju and I study to become a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (IT) at Xamk. I will give you multiple reasons why you should choose Xamk as a place to study and what to expect while studying. 


five reasons why you should study at Xamk:


  • Xamk is considered one of the top Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland.
  • Xamk offers a number of Finnish courses, allowing immigrants to learn the native language of Finland whilst pursuing studies.
  • Meet students from various parts of the world and learn about different cultures.
  • Students are given the opportunity to modify studies depending on their career path.
  • Xamk offers a number of diploma and degree programmes in English.


five reasons why someone should choose to study on it-programme:

  • Technology is the future. The world evolves around technology. A degree in IT can only be seen as an advantage.
  • There is a surplus of jobs in the IT field.
  • Career choices are diverse, and job options are countless based on preferences.
  • Whether you are passionate about, computing, networking or analysing data, IT allows students to specialize in a field they desire.
  • And, don’t worry IT beginners,  you gain a lot of practical experience whilst studying.


Five things I learned during studies:

  • Don’t be intimidated! Teachers are accessible and willing to assist, only send and e-mail.
  • Speak up! If you do not know something, ask a question.
  • I can now measure voltage and current through resistors.
  • Wow! Deploying servers can be a challenge at first, but it’s worth learning.
  • My peers are awesome. They are always ready and willing to assist.


Five photos of things that are important as I reflect on my studies:



Figure 1. Using multiple devices during virtual learning works for me.



Figure 2. Testing five resistors in series with a fixed power supply during IOT electronics and measurements class.


Figure 3. Creating my digital signature during security fundamentals class.


Figure 4. Learning to encrypt files during security fundamentals class.


Figure 5. Exercise is important to maintain my mental health during studies.

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