Kotka Campus is located in the Metsola district, approximately 5 km from the centre of Kotka.

Campus provides education in

  • social services and health care
  • business administration
  • technology and seafaring.

Health promotion (Master’s degree programme) is taught fully in English.

Broad range of services

Students and visitor find all the important services in the campus.

  • Gym hall
  • Student health care
  • Psychologist
  • Campus priest
  • Library services
  • Student services
  • Student Union
  • International services
  • Restaurant Junnu
  • Research and development services

Kotka Campus 360°




South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Pääskysentie 1
FI-48220 Kotka


Kotka is located in Kymenlaakso region. Kymenlaakso is a province Southeast Finland with a population of 185,000.  Distance to the Helsinki capital region is about 130 km and to the St Petersburg region about 270 km.

Kotka is a seaport on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, with a population of 55,000. The city is famous for its parks and cultural life. In addition to the archipelago, the city’s maritime attractions include the Sapokka water garden, the Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge and the Maretarium aquarium. The Maritime Centre Vellamo introduces you to the history of Kotka and Kymenlaakso, as well as the maritime history of Finland.

The city offers plenty of opportunities for sports and other leisure activities. Those interested in culture will enjoy the productions of Kotka City Theatre, the concerts of Kymi Sinfonietta and the many literary events and art exhibitions. Kotka Maritime Festival is the most famous summer event in the city.

Kotka also offers good opportunities for shopping, including the Pasaati shopping centre, many speciality stores and the hypermarkets in Jumalniemi and Sutela. Local and regional buses take you around the city and to the neighbouring towns. There are buses to Helsinki approximately every half hour and several local trains to Kouvola each day. In summer, the archipelago is easily accessible by public transport from the Sapokka marina.