A new refinery for biodiesel production becoming to Hamina
(19.8.2020 KT,updated 11.2.2021)

New refinery will be erected in Port of HaminaKotka, a chemicals port in Hamina, Finland. The refinery owned by Fintoil Oy will be in full operation in the middle of the year 2022.

Feed capacity will be 200,000 tons of crude tall oil and the process is fractional distillation. 65% of tall oil will go into the production of renewable pine diesel and the remaining 35% is used in the creation of other sustainable, innovative products.

Read more:
https://fintoil.com/refinery/ [accessed 18.8.2020]
https://fintoil.com/fintoil-gets-green-light-for-crude-tall-oil-biorefinery-in-the-port-of-haminakotka/ [accessed 11.2.2021]